After Party

It was Lacey’s father’s vodka. From the 1940’s. Harold Loeb found the antique early 1900’s real root beer. It was served in a huge crystal punch bowl found in Lacey’s basement.

And a good time was had by all. *big smile*

In case you’re wondering it was a “reference” to “My Old Kentucky Home” from the television show Mad Men.

And Lem was nervous because he didn’t want to watch Lacey dancing to that song. Also, why was she dancing? As in, was it Joe Jr.’s idea? …For some reason he wasn’t concerned about Michael sitting right in front of him at the same table, which, if he loves Lacey…is concerning. (The formally hateful gay man agrees)

There are no tears in Heaven. This wasn’t in Heaven. Or on Earth. Or in Hell. And now…I feel like crying.