“It Wasn’t My Design” says God.

Lacey is “quiet.”

If Lacey had visited the Kennedy family as Joe’s serious girlfriend she would have been baffled. If her father was born in 1894 she would have been raised around Lauren Bacall. Lauren Bacall would have been her friend somehow… And that’s the kind of person she would have been “used to.”

Hunting. Fishing. Lakes. Water in general… Money. Old money. Cabins. Politics. Serious, brilliant conversations… Seriousness in general.

Lacey has a sense of humor. But it’s a bit like Hemingway’s sense of humor.

Can you imagine Ernest Hemingway having to compose (and constantly control) himself as a woman for appearance sake for the Kennedy family? With their bright, shining glory? Because Hemingway sees a lot… He’s Ernest Hemingway.

Scott gets it.

Will she be rejected? Almost certainly. Will she hurt them? Almost certainly. Will they hate her? Yes. Will she hate them? No. Will they all love each other? “It depends on how they see it…“ would be her response.

Because Lacey loves them unconditionally. And like Ernest Hemingway she might truly see them. All of them. In all their glory bestowed on them by God…to remind us all of the reality of Heaven…but also in their evil and pain.

“Wait…Lacey loves them unconditionally?” says Michael (somewhat sarcastically).

“Yes. And even though they might have accepted and loved me more-“ Lem shrugs. “Do they own her in a way I don’t?”

“No.” says Michael.

“We do.” say Ricky and Rocky.

“Actually, I do.” says Lauren Bacall.

“Yup!” says Harold Loeb.

“And that’s the problem.” says Zelda.

“It is.” smiles Louis.

“Her father is buried here.” Lauren adds.

“We made her feel comfortable.” corrects Rocky.

“They did and do.” says Lacey.

“I think what you all fail to grasp is that she’s not an idiot.” says Elliott. “I’d say that I wasn’t one either except people will doubt her intelligence more if I say that.”

“Why do we care?” asks Scott.

“It’s not about me. It’s about the chaos that’s been caused by misidentifying me and slandering my name, character and reputation.” Lacey’s serious as she says this. “You all have shit on my grave daily and I’m not even dead yet.”

*Mary agrees*

And we’ll leave it there.

“That’s a good chaos.” says Elliott. “I love it.”