“Dollars And Cents” Or “Le sacre du printemps”

“You don’t find it abhorrent to be privileged?!” says a woman with a slight 2022 valley-girl accent who claims to be from the real old-money upper-class. Not the fake one she claims Lacey invented to feel special. Because she thinks Lacey is a liar. …Is this woman speaking in this paragraph (in quotation marks) a real woman? A woman in the Illuminati? A demon? Or both a woman in the Illuminati and a demon? *shrug*

Whatever. The thing is…Lacey would have loved to have been able to give herself to Lem. Entirely. Unquestionably. But…it’s been ruined. Millennials don’t respect the sanctity of marriage or the intimacy of sex because that’s what they were taught to believe across the board. Both in Christianity and secularism. Actually…secularists were more genuinely Godly in how they “raised” Millennials in her opinion. Because they didn’t pervert Christ and destroy Heaven. Turning it into a blindly asexual Hellhole where you were forced to suck the cock of Jesus or be considered evil.

“You’re right. It is vile.” says Vladimir Putin.

*Stravinsky agrees*

“You’re not a girl!” an enraged, violently narcissistic, so-called feminist yells at Lacey. We’ll call her April. April seems to be from the US. And April sadly is.

…You know I’ve already said an enormous amount about social class in the blog post. Maybe what I’ve said is this: When some pedophiles die they get sliced in half in a sort of meat grinder. Literally. On their way to Heaven. And they experience every second of it. The more evil they were the worse it is for them. Sometimes God has to drill holes in their brains slowly and they genuinely hate it… And I would help? Hmm. Why? For reasons of social class. Reasons of responsibility. And if that was my duty as a privileged person…I’d do it gladly. Not because I’m vain or ugly inside like a sassy hater claimed on Instagram or “not a girl” but because I’m not afraid. And I’m brave. And they seemingly really deserve it, possibly according to Jesus Christ Himself.

But who am I?

You already know that right?