Michelle Ma Belle

Who really sings this song?

Have I creeped you out yet? No. Keep reading. I hope to eventually.

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“I’m not a joke.“ said Marilyn Monroe. And really…if you believe her…that’s all that ever needs to be said about being a heterosexual woman in America. It’s a brilliant commentary. She was far from a joke.

…So why did Arthur Miller need to possibly secretly love her until he died? Why did he hate her? Secretly. Why did find her to be a pure evil he couldn’t resist? Why did he lose himself in her? Possibly for eternity? And then lie about it?


I learned early on that if a man says the obviously blue sky is green…you have to be careful. Because if enough men have the same delusion the sky will suddenly actually be perceived as factually green. Of course in objective reality…that’s controlled by God…and it’s still blue. It’s always been blue if He says so.

If…He says so. He being God.

And yet…women aren’t inferior. We’re not servants or cattle. We’re a perfect helpmate. That’s in the Bible. And God is both good and subtle.

Why do I have a beef with some gay men? Because they lie. They’re vile. They’re all perceived to be “like women” with all those allowances but also with male privileges that make them not only vain but also…disgusting. The worst are ugly as shit inside because of it.

“I’m like a woman but I’m a man so I’m better.” “I do what women do but better!” “I can turn any straight man gay!” “I’m sure all gay men would rather be with a man. Because…hello! Men. How could you not chose that?!” And then they’ll just turn around like manipulative-bitch-women and gaslight you if you question this critique as a woman. Or possibly kill you. “You know some men are gay because they hate women.” my closeted gay father told me candidly once when I was little. And he would know…he had closeted and open gay friends always…

“Ugh! Straights! Ewww!” says Zelda sarcastically.

“And that’s why Lacey is with me.” says Michael sadly.

Because Lem is the perfect epitome of a favorite fetish of many if not most gay men. He’s a man who is brilliant and sensitive and hot and manly….and yet looking at him you can tell that he could easily get his dick into most women if he wanted to…and that maybe he even wants to. It actually really objectively looks like he does, if we’re being honest. …But he sacrificed his cock and genuine sexual pleasure for Jack? The straight man who is magically seduced by a “classy guy.” …If Jack carried a handbag it’d be a Birkin. …He’s approachable and conceivably imitated “upper-class.” A gay man could get “a Lem” if he tried enough? A “bisexual” hot guy who sacrifices his sanity for your butthole because…you’re just that…? That what? Classy? Superior? “Iconic?” *eye-roll* …Because if there are any real, mortal flaws in their “union” it’s all a lie…and it’s not love…and it becomes impossible to be love actually. It’s just becomes nothing but a man’s ego deciding to send Lem to Hell for nothing but delusion.

“Awww!!!” says Zelda.

Lem gave up sexual satisfaction for an anus a mouth and hands? …And…since men are sooo superior…and sacrificial…I’m sure some deep and superior man (note sarcasm) can explain how that’s better than a hot, wet and longing, pulsating grown woman’s vagina designed for human conception.

“They’re narcissistic idiots, Lacey.” says Elliott on behalf of the foolish gay men who thought Lem was gay. “When gay men pretend to be women they’re acting more non-binary than gay anyway. And that has implications if that’s considered attractive to some supposedly gay men…”

…The thing is…if you love men…you do? But how is it superior? Just objectively? I’ve never met a man who didn’t prefer vaginal sex over oral with me and it’s not because I’m bad at so-called “blow jobs.” It’s because my vagina is attached to my body. *Elliott laughs* And it feels objectively better in every way for a man I want to be with. And I don’t trick men like some whore. If I want a man it’s good and if I don’t…I don’t do it. Or it’s objectively bad…if they’re being honest. And God made it that way. I don’t “need it” to egotistically prove something. I’m not…like that.

“You know…they’ve been giving us the illusion that we had a choice about what constitutes human life since 1973. But all along they had the final say. Even if it was a lie. But whether we tell the lie or they do…a lie is still a lie.”