Not Yet…

“She doesn’t think you love her!! Or ever did!” yells JFK to Lem. “How the Hell do you not get it?!”

*Mary his former niece explains it to him. Saoirse laughs at the absurdity of it all.*

“She won’t think you’re in love with her the way I did. I always assumed you were in love with me. I never really questioned it. …But I was narcissist and my father actually loved me who raised me. Do you understand what I mean? Lem, are you following me? Because what’s going on with Michael scares me. Lem. If you’re actually in love with her you’re in serious trouble. She doesn’t love you anymore! Not the way she loves Michael.” *He pauses and talks to Saoirse.* “Ok, she’s telling me her opinion has changed. And honestly mine has too now. She thinks you don’t love Lacey either.” *Jack laughs* “That’s not really my opinion. And I don’t think Saoirse is being literal so much as expressing her exasperation.”

*Arthur Miller laughs*

“You know Arthur I’m not a 17 year old seductress or an old maid.” says Lacey teasingly.

“I know. I didn’t write that play for you.”

“It still affects me though. The meaning, of course.” Lacey suggests.

“You’ve ripped me apart, Lacey.” Arthur Miller contends. And it’s true. She has literally yelled at him and told him off. Apparently they’re on good terms now though. “Some of her criticisms are correct.” he states.

Lacey finds that very flattering. *she smiles*

“I’m still here, Lem.” says Michael.

“Purgatory sounds like a party.” says my uncle Ron humorously. *his grandson laughs*

“It’s really Purgatory though.” says a woman who died in 1973. She had a heart attack roller skating. She was in her 40’s. …Maybe. *shrug*

Is it really literally Purgatory or something like it? Lacey wonders. She tends toward Episcopalian beliefs and Evelyn Waugh isn’t offended.

And that’s where I’ll end.