A Sweet Little Wallflower

Could Lacey have been named Daisy? No. She’s far too much of a wallflower. Out of an excruciating amount of pain she endures “like a champ.”

“It can’t be as bad as cancer!” says Zelda sarcastically.

“Except it is.”

“It reminds me of the emotional equivalent of what I experienced with Polio!” says FDR with biting irony. Because he’s serious and angry and yet also being funny.

“How dare they!” says Patrica Peabody Whitehead Roosevelt seriously. Because she’s a double-agent. At times she works entirely for herself…for better and for worse and at times she…really cares.

But…even if she’d been born in 1918 and left Joe for Lem or in 1939 and left him for Michael…*Ron laughs* …she wouldn’t have…been “a Jackie” or “a Marilyn” because she’s neither type.

“She’s not a me, either.” says Grace Kelly.

“How ever will the sulky haters still reading this blog perceive this post to be about them?” asks Lem, still confused.

“Because it is.” says Zelda.

“Lem. Stop lying.” says Harold. “I know. I’m dead too and I’ve looked.”

Have you looked?

“Time to write!” says FDR.