Beneath All That Lies Above

It seems to me that it’s possible that in Purgatory the dead can be lied to. And that they also can be liars. If Purgatory exists it’s not that we aren’t saved yet, so to speak, it’s that God let’s some people grow slowly closer to Heaven as He renews and restores them…over time. It’s about us not jumping forward to perfection but rather finding out the His ultimate truth in time. It’s a very beautiful process and one can even appreciate it if God gives you grace. …Should it be what actually happens to His children when they die; those saved through Christ.

But sin in Purgatory seemingly isn’t like sin on Earth among the living. It’s…shattering. It’s “in real time.”

Lacey loves Lem. She thinks he’s the epitome of perfection embodied in a man. …But what does he think of her? …She can sense how he feels, and it’s even scared her how much it emotionally seems to affect his spirit…but he doesn’t openly explain how he feels about her. Yes, Lacey is worried about hurting him and yes she feels she can hear his ghost (and other ghosts) in her spirit. …And Joe Jr. did the same thing to her…in her subconscious. Every man she’s ever been with dead or alive has done it to her in some way… Except for Michael.

…And so…if Lem’s rage, deep anguish and heartbreak over her (not Jack or a male) being with anyone but him…is real…he’s in need of an eternal savior. In Purgatory. Imagine that!

Because over the 4th of July…Lem lost. He lost Lacey eternally to Michael. Beyond eternally. And I don’t think he fully comprehended it as it happened.

Why? Because his narrative is heartlessly controlled by living souls who hate Lacey or what she is, at the very least. Because his narrative is controlled by the set in stone, wedded ideas that he certainly didn’t want a wife and a family and that homosexuality is in Heaven.

People think they can genuinely read his complicated mind and infallibly interpret his words using the perfect context and tone to calculate a complete rejection of all women and possibly anyone but JFK. And it creates an impossible hurdle for a woman who’s honest, sensitive, respectful, and not narcissistic. Even if she can see ghosts through the Holy Spirit and genuinely loves him profoundly. *laugh* Because the people who hate Lacey hate anything that makes them the tiniest bit sad. Not grief-stricken or suicidal but…”sad.” …If Lacey didn’t think for herself she’d totally devastate Lem and annihilate their love without blinking, flinching and without truly enjoying his misery should he be a ghost genuinely in love with her. She’d ignore him and his life entirely. She’d truly move on. Because she’s not a fool for Hell…she hopes.

“Because she has self-respect!” says Zelda happily.

“And she wants to actually respect him.” laughs Scott at the irony.

So Michael is her other half for eternity. Beyond forever. Seemingly God Himself has told her that.

Michael forcefully volunteered with God’s help and approval to have that with her when she looked…her version of “sad” over the 4th of July. With the caveat that if someone better for either one of them should emerge they’ll let go. And let their other half be happy. Happier than they make each other, should that be possible. Therefore Lem might still be with Lacey for eternity but at the same time Michael might have to agree to it somewhat now too… And no, that doesn’t mean something tawdry (sexual) between him and Lem or him and anyone else or etc. and etc.. Sorry?!

“You anticipate “them” being hateful! And I don’t blame you.” Zelda observes.

Did they boil his brain? If God is letting Lacey talk to ghosts…He’s in the process of redeeming it if he didn’t just drown. Lacey hasn’t talked about that all that terribly much because it’s not the majority of his life for one reason…and what they have is possibly better than that, thank you. …And if Lem isn’t sucking Jack’s penis forever with a huge smile in his soul, elated higher than a kite…sooo sooo happy every ding dang dong second…and instead he actually hates Jack and would like to strangle his neck with his bare hands slowly under water for a thousand years watching Jack smile like a vain, narcissistic fluff-head without a brain that ever properly functioned and only a constantly needy, clingy, violent dick he liked to shove in everyone’s ass and/or face…hopefully he’ll work it out with Christ. Literally. *smile*