“Love me!” says a narcissist. “You love me!” They demand. Because they want to be loved. They want to experience true, honest love in all of its four forms.

But like a terrifying freak when a non-narcissist let’s go of them the faces of their (sometimes demonically possessed) souls…contort. They shriek. Their eyes turn into slivers of blue icy death, their mouths become thin and shriveled and bare. They look like ugly, evil witches. All of them. Literally.

… … …

“I’m prettier than you!” they repeat to me over and over again when it’s obvious they’re not, as they drool from their mouths. “It’s their mantra?” I can feel them suffer.

And if you were to leave them in that state they’d wander around like zombies. Mindless. Half-conscious. Mentally barely able to function. Barely be able to walk. Barely be able to focus on anything. All their brains can process is the thought that they needeverything. Everyone’s everything has to belong to them? But they aren’t even sure how to consume or possess it…if that was even theoretically possible, and of course it’s not.

…They’re not ok. And…they hide it. *smile*

A lot of the evil they do? It’s to survive or at least it’s experienced that way. Or…to not genuinely totally embarrass themselves. Because somewhere within themselves they suffer. And of course they’re responsible…for what they’re responsible for. But if they’re essentially mentally challenged in a way we are too scared to currently acknowledge…because it makes us question everything…what does God hold them accountable for when they die?

Could Jeffrey Epstein be suffering…constantly in the lower rungs of Purgatory…literally burning…but with a smile? A real smile. Because as wretched as it to constantly be experiencing being set on fire in all intensities and authentic angles…he probably feels infinitely better than he ever did while alive.


Yes. It’s better to be on fire and “in your right mind.” Literally.

“Who won?!”