6 Pieces, Op. 52: No. 2 Intermezzo (Larghetto in E flat major)

“How much money would your parents be worth if they hadn’t been rebellious.” asked a member of the Illuminati to Lacey. He’s often on the fence, so to speak, but today he wanted to try to try to translate what could have happened for “everyone.”

Lacey has to think.

(He meant the parents who raised her, not Tom Banks of course.)

By now without their inheritance they’d be worth a net of around a million. Dollars. And she wouldn’t have had almost any student debt and she’d have gone to an Ivy League college. With the oil they’d be worth millions (multiple millions). Maybe five or six million… But…that’s not that much. A million Dollar net worth is…supposedly average for a 70-something in the US. Isn’t it? It is if you research it online…

The thing is…we’ve had millionaires in our family since the 1950’s. And it was a “big deal” but not…a big deal. Nowadays hundreds of millions is “impressive.” Billions is “impressive” nowadays. When it comes to solitary Dollar amounts.

“She’s making that up!!!” says the hateful mistress of “cable-dude” via the telepathy she uses since she “made it big” in the “big city” and became like…soo…so sophisticated. *mouth drops open in awe* Witchcraft discussed in online conspiracy groups is what makes “these people” feel superior to “the sheeple.”

…For over seven years “they’ve” aimed to literally drive Lacey insane, make her commit suicide, think she had schizophrenia (which is thankfully undiagnosable), hurt herself or her kids through demonic oppression or use “their demons” to murder her whole family. Because “they’re” stupid enough to take “themselves” just that seriously… Existing in a paradoxical, delusional world where the US obliterated social class with its Manifest Destiny and so-called atheism is fact (“Damn you if you question that you religious bigot!!!”) they had no qualms trying to punish her for “noticing” “their” house-servant, “cable-dude.”

…”The thing is…not everyone in this…supposed secret society is like that.” Harold Loeb suggests. He means the real old-money types, of course. Not the cool-kid bourgeois with their asinine conceptions of the past and how to be “rich.”

“Their life perspectives are based on…witchcraft and poverty masquerading as upper-class oppression in popular media and culture.” Zelda suggests.

…But Lacey can’t tell if she’s mocking her or being serious. Because having millions isn’t that rare. Not now. She being the Minnesconsinite…not Zelda…of course.

“Having a knighted author in your family is a lot rarer.” says Harold Loeb. I understand your confusion. Completely.

“But that’s just a gong!” says F. Scott Fitzgerald.

“Your dad is gay!” says Peter to Lacey. She laughs. He smiles.

“Yeah, that’s a much better insult. I mean, it’s outdated and openly hateful but at least I get the emotional gist of it.” Lacey suggests.

Because…Lacey isn’t really fake. She’s fake fake. Get it? She…fakes being fake.

And “Zuck” as he was referred to by a man who jumped off a roof around the time they were telling Lacey to jump out of windows using telepathy and demons…would like to say that Lacey is very meta. *Harold Loeb laughs* but…he gets beat-up a lot already, potentially by “them.” He’s either mercilessly bullied by “them” in the Illuminati or he’s…indifferent. *shrug*

“These are fascinating people you’ve imagined in your insanity.” Zelda comments.

Lacey agrees.

“You’re just a delusional nobody narcissist.” says Harold.

“She’s harmless. Truly.” says Tom Banks.

It’s a joke!

It’s a joke!!!

It’s…just a joke. Right? Don’t you get it?! *confused face*

Happy weekend fellow middle-class sheeples! …Think about the fake trophies and gongs of your ancestors and parents. Celebrate the oil in your trash family worth billions. Your rare genes. Your…madness.