A Mindless Viking Explorer Wearing Pearls and No. 22 *cheesy grin*

After this post Lacey refuses to talk any more… Her character will be retired permanently on this blog. The rest will have to be left to prayer. Because God is that powerful and she’s that angry…

What’s old money? Some “old money” is in secret societies, should they exist. Some isn’t. Not…really.

There might be a few Masons…and members of Skull & Bones or *shrug* whatever…*shrug* but…they aren’t all controlling the strings of the sheeple, so to speak. What they are are people who have become a part of the upper-class for generations. And becoming part of the upper-class isn’t a process that happens intentionally all that easily. Oftentimes, it happens more by accident. …And it becomes part of how you see the world around you. It literally might even change your genes for generations. …It’s “markers” evolve over time and yet don’t.

The Hindus observed this objective societal phenomenon and interpreted it spiritually. And while I don’t agree with them religiously, I appreciate their intellectual bravery in identifying it and trying to analyze it honestly and sincerely. In The West we can barely fathom it much less analyze it.

Brahmin-baiting in the…Illuminati?! *shocked face*

“Yes.” says Brandon Truaxe, very quietly.

Is “Zuck” old-money? Slightly. And it’s interesting that “they” seemingly hate him. It’s interesting that he’s so publicly blamed and demonized. …The thing is…people have been religiously indoctrinated to hate old money in the Illuminati and outside of it since the 1960’s.

“Sorry, Bobby. It isn’t personal.” Really. (That’s Bobby Sr. I’m referring to)

Since the 1960’s?! …Hmm. That’s…

“Now listen to me all of you! Que sera, sera Que sera, sera…”

You can choose to believe it or not.