Oops… “Suburbs (continued)”

“He was verbally and emotionally abusive?” asks someone of Lem in reference to Jack (JFK).


“See, that’s how Jackie would describe him now too.” says someone else.

“He was a controlling person. If he needed you or wanted you you felt special. But he never loved you.

…I fell for it. For over 20 years. I thought he loved me and that we were real friends.

He’d curse me out and take advantage of me because I thought I was gay. I was a straight man living a homosexual man’s life, because I thought it made sense.

My father unintentionally told me before he died that I was gay when I asked him questions about sex. And then my father died and I had no one to confide in who I trusted like my father. So I ruined my entire life aside from whatever genuine love I showed people…in my immense darkness.

They weren’t normal people and I wasn’t either, but I cared. I actually cared about people other than myself.” *he’s getting enraged* “I was a victim. First of my own stupidity.”

And…that’s all for now.

Or not.

And Lacey thinks you’ll believe that was “all in her mind.” She’s imagining things? But, y’all…that don’t make no sense.

“Why did you kill yourself on Jack’s birthday?” asks Lacey of Lem. As in, why did he kill himself on Jack’s birthday if he wasn’t in love with him and heartbroken?

“Because I hated him. Towards the end of my life I hated him. I wished I’d never met him. It was meant to be an ironic joke. As in, when he was born I died. One year before, one day before.”

Lacey only partially believes him because she refuses to read the David Pitts book and she’s afraid it’d make her wonder if she’s only losing her mind…even though physical things move on their own in her house (and etc.)…and she knows things she isn’t supposed to know… Also, it’s too much torture to see Lem’s soul possibly massacred from beyond the grave in that book (regardless) because he never “talked about it” with real honesty. To possibly anyone, ever. It’s like they’ve created even more of a curse…if this post is actually accurate about Lem, and this time it’s for others to join in on.

“Which is ironic because my official birthday is November 22nd, 1983. I often wonder if I was actually born in September though…”. says Lacey.

“You’re not my brother reincarnated though.” says Bobby Kennedy who is positively annoyed, darling. *he laughs with Lacey* “No, she really isn’t me. Or my father. Or mother. Or Zelma. Or even Zelda…reincarnated.”

“Goodnight!” says a man who used to read the news on local television in the 1940’s and 50’s. He had alcoholism and sometimes did Saturday morning kid’s shows while drunk. He was not a happy man. He’d also occasionally appear as a clown. “Things are worse than you think but God loves you Lacey. And-I love you too. Not in-“. He pauses to listen to someone, “No. Not in that way. As a Christian. Be careful with Lem though.”

“What about Michael?” she asks him.

“Michael who?”

“Michael.” she points to Michael.

The man smiles and Frank McCourt escorts him away. He quickly apologizes. “Sorry if I’ve scared you.”

“But God is victorious?” asks Lacey.

“God is victorious.” he says overwhelmed by what he’s saying.

This man is still grieving his years of alcoholism. But he has a very good sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously in the wrong way.

“Goodnight!” says Michael.

“I don’t think that man realizes how powerful God is.” says Lacey to Lem and Michael.