A Sad Post Indeed

Why was JFK assassinated? I’ll revisit that question now. Because I feel like it.

Here’s my working theory: He totally fouled-up the Bay of Pigs. Then he triggered the Cuban Missile Crisis.

It’s that simple.

Of course, he probably enraged criminal bosses worldwide. And he may have at least indirectly if not directly killed Marilyn Monroe (even if she was primed for death already)…and I think she might have been working on occasion for the CIA (and she was friends with mob bosses supposedly too). …But that’s just it. He was stepping on way too many people’s toes, making absolute fools of people and endangering the lives of all Americans. Literally. He could have easily caused the Cold War to turn into a horrific nuclear Armageddon. …And considering that some might have already been…apprehensive about him due to both prejudice and their resentment of his father’s major flub at the start of WWII as Ambassador to Great Britain…he was already on thin ice that quickly started to melt completely.

…What Zelda and Lacey wonder though…is…was Lem Billings their final straw, so to speak? Truly. Was he? They really wonder.

See Lacey assumed she was imagining things when she heard that somehow behind the scenes Lem actually was responsible for solving the Cuban Missile Crisis…but what if she’s not? What if he did make some secret phone call(s)? What if he did act as an emissary between the President or some other important person and other important people? What if he did suggest some plan that worked? What if it was his intelligence and historical and geopolitical awareness that redeemed the JFK legacy? What if that’s part of the reason he was so overwhelmed by what happened afterward?

…And what if the CIA in particular knew what Lem was actually responsible for? And while they weren’t at liberty to discuss it, he so to speak…they were secretly livid…beyond livid…due to his role? The why, in regard to why they were so livid, is what’s most fascinating to Lacey.

Was it class loyalty? Did some of them see Lem as more “one of their own?”


…But I think that’s scratching the surface of something far deeper, at the very least.

Here’s the thing. They were tired of feeling like good-hearted chumps at the hands of the Kennedy family. Like blue-blooded wimps. Like…moronic pansies. Like…fools.

And especially if Lem was actually straight…and someone knew that…they probably found Jack’s irresponsible and serious drug use and hateful ways…and his possible gross sexual abuse of Lem, turning him into a literal mind-controlled, dumbed-down slave…wildly offensive. Criminal? Maybe. Regardless, just another Cold War trigger waiting to be pressed at some later date by a dangerously intoxicated, reckless, psychotic, abusive man. The Soviets knew about Lem. And…their psychologically screwed-up relationship outside of and beyond their concerns about propriety scared them. What if Lem slept with a woman “by accident?” One of the women he might have seen sleeping with the President regularly? And then what if Jack lost his temper/mind and accidentally started a nuclear war? …Maybe it seemed all too plausible. Combined with JFK’s ill-health and drug use, the fact that Lem could control deeply closeted Jack’s moods even more than the drugs did…and yet didn’t truly understand that part of reality in his own mind…what sort of “fire” could start that they couldn’t extinguish?!

“Can we trust Lem-“ snicker. “Do you think that fag would ever sleep with a woman!?” asks a male, white, 40-something CIA agent to another white, 40-something, CIA agent.

“He’s not homosexual. We’ve studied his habits. He’s repressed and possibly schizophrenic. …If he gets drunk-“

The other guy nods his head.

“I mean really drunk.”

The other guy nods his head again.

“It scares me.”

“We can’t kill him.”

They related to Lem. And his cruelly embarrassing life…if it was that…may have ticked them off just too much. On an at least subconscious level.

They maybe felt that Jack needed to be exterminated. Like a cockroach. Or a cancer. Or he’d somehow trigger…a societal pandemic.

Societal plague??? It sounds ridiculous. But I think they wanted weaker, stupider Presidents…or at least Presidents who could be more easily controlled. Because if upper-class men could be turned into beaten, brainwashed dullards capable of being tricked into an ugly submission to crass, vile, narcissistic “trash from Boston” then…”that possibility” needed to be cut off. It needed to look scary to truly “be like a Kennedy” and bring something genuinely “new” and “defiant” and “wild” to the Oval Office. Something…genuinely chaotic and corrosive to a functioning country.

It sounds awful. Were there any winners? There were many victims.

“Hi. My name is. …Slim Shady.” Lacey finds this song poetic. Always has.

There were three groups trying to assassinate JFK that day, in her opinion. The criminal element. The CIA. And foreign interests. They maybe all worked together…decided to keep it a mystery to the public and then had a collective, unifying secret going into Vietnam. Although none of them knew which of them had hired Lee Harvey Oswald. And…only a few of them could figure out who had actually logistically killed JFK.

That’s my theory.