“Awww! You’re hearing things that don’t exist. Lacey you’re hearing things that don’t exist.” the bourgeois will say with sadness. Patronizingly. Heartlessly. Cruelly… Dangerously.

Because what if Lacey isn’t insane? What…if?

“There’s no Illuminati!” another bourgeois individual might say. With a pretense to owning reality. To being “okay.”

But mayors who ran for US President at some point in history probably read Dave’s book. And it affected their conscience. They didn’t want to be as immoral as Jack Kennedy or as tragic. They walked through an airport and reckoned with reality and tried to understand what God thought of them after buying the book and reading it. …And whether those mayors drew accurate conclusions or wrong conclusions…the point is that for the time being people often have some working sense of right and wrong. And…it’s impossible to defeat God.

“Can evil be used for good?” Lem wonders. The star on the cover. “Can lies be used to illuminate deeper truths? Can things be misconstrued in the worst way and still be used by God? Yes. As long as you’re alive. Right? And if you want to find out more about the rest of it from my actual perspective…you’ll have to kill yourself, mayor.”

(Edit: FYI: Mayor Pete should not kill himself.)

“Mayor who?” asks Ghislaine.

“Mayor Pete.” says Scott.

“You’re not going to get away with this!” says a famous singer to Lacey. As in, they’ll find some way to destroy her mind yet or make her do something stupid and evil. Various celebrities and people have focused on her to either try to be helpful or kill her or drive her mad since 2015. It’s embarrassingly stupid on their parts if they’re “real.”

But that’s the problem. If they’re real…if they accidentally went way too far with allowing cable-dude in in the first place…and a million other things…they’re bankrupt.

Bankrupt? Yes. They’re desperate. They have no idea how to run almost anything functionally. Not to exist. Not for a success that lasts longer than a moment in time no longer than a breath.

And who’s writing now? Jeff Skilling? Not entirely. If at all. …It’s Kenneth Lay.

“We can trick you.” says Ken Lay. “You thought my name was Jeff Skilling.”

“True.” says Lacey. “And you know…that’s why if you’re reading this…you need to not assume I’m insane…because I’m not diagnosable. For a reason. And you shouldn’t bend psychology to attack me. That’s extremely dangerous. …And I hope you are cognitively capable of understanding that. I’m not mentally ill in the ways you want. Literally. Sorry.”

“Liar!” says a dead bourgeois woman with (terrible) short hair in Purgatory who still almost hates Lacey and wants her to believe she’s ugly, poor, narcissistic and schizophrenic. Possibly Jack Kennedy too if she’s lucky.

“See. She’ll be okay. But by attacking you the way they have and for the reasons they have the Illuminati has made it harder on us.” says Ken Lay. “And it’s not allowed. But they’re breaking God’s rules already. And they can keep cooking the books and worshiping Jack Kennedy…and making Lem his plaything…to convince themselves that Chris isn’t poor. But it’s…”

“It’s what?” asks Lacey.

“I-I-I’ll let them figure it out.” says the lady with short hair.

“What if they can’t understand. Literally. What if they’re genuinely retarded?” asks Lacey.

“Then they shouldn’t be running the world.” says Ken.

Don’t kill cable-dude. Don’t target him and his family. But…be aware. If Lacey isn’t crazy…and she really is rich and a rare beauty…and brilliant…and excruciatingly humble…and painfully meek…it’s…fine. As long as you worship God it’s fine. In Heaven you’ll be entirely yourself but her equal in beauty…if you want to be…if God wants you to be… You’ll be fine. …And you are fine. Just don’t go…into the negative zone. Ang Lee’s “negative zone.” Don’t become the disease. Don’t become the problem. Don’t become the reason people secretly don’t believe in good anymore. Don’t be a fool but don’t be a narcissist.