Jelly Roll Morton’s Creepy Feeling

Lacey’s update for today:

The Rockefellers were watching in the shadows.

“Another Kennedy screw-up.” they thought to themselves in the afterlife.

For Lacey’s entire life. They watched. Occasionally intervened as much as they could. As much as God would allow.

…And of course because this is the afterlife we’re talking about…the Kennedy’s didn’t know. They had no idea those people were “watching.” Dead or alive. ….Well…David might have guessed at it actually as he didn’t have all of the Kennedy delusions, but he killed himself in the early 80’s.

All the drama. All the mistakes. And framing it this way is as nice as they can be right now.

Because good isn’t evil. And evil is weak compared to good but will never be good.

“At least we were Catholic.” says Jack. But were they? Were they really Catholic? F. Scott Fitzgerald wants to know too. Are and were the Kennedy’s really Catholic?

The thing is…Lacey thought Lem didn’t care. Because he didn’t lay himself down before her like Christ and the Church. He didn’t risk his heart. Not for her. Not the way he did for Jack. Not the way he did for that whole family.

And even if they molested him…psychologically speaking…whatever choice he made to even allow himself to be raped, brainwashed, made jealous for no reason, fooled, destroyed…was a choice he made. It counts. *she stares at him with hope for his soul* And…it belongs to him. It was his mistake because he was an adult. He could have let them drill holes in his brain, suffocate him with a pillow and strangle his neck. And then he would have been free! If that’s the kind of pieces of shit…demonic whores from Hell…they actually were.

“She’s right. Sorry.” says Scott. *Louis nods his head in agreement*

“And if you weren’t willing to risk my rejection of you…by vulnerably offering…eternity…even as I’m being tortured in one form or another…what was there keeping me from leaving if someone else did?”

“Someone else did? Did what?” asks Scott.

“If someone else offered me the only love that might exist in Heaven. A Garden of Eden pair of (adult) humans. Perfect love. Total trust. Total fidelity. Eternal bliss never experienced on Earth since the Fall of Man between two adult humans.”

The “they” in the Illuminati rush to make what Lacey just wrote pedophilic because they can’t stand it. They long for her to be evil in the way they like…so they can win.

But the Garden of Eden isn’t pedophilic. It’s perfection.

“And that’s what Michael offered her over the 4th of July weekend.” says Rocky seriously but also humorously.

“Lem, was anything Dave wrote in his book…real?” asks a girl flirtatiously…who’s already dead. She’d sleep with him in an instant. Fall in love. Act like the female version of Jack. …She’s actually about as good-looking as he really was. In reality. Without makeup. Without…lies. …Lem is repulsed.

“Is this our ghost to use?!” says a hateful Illuminati member.

“It might be.” says another hateful Illuminati member like they just need to keep hoping and eventually their demons and Devil will shake it hard enough to manifest victory over Lacey.

“Not victory over the Rockefellers or Roosevelts or the entire Nation of Islam before the 1600’s currently in (literal) Purgatory or Heaven. Or…all of England and the British Isles except for parts of Ireland in love with the myth of the Kennedy’s…” says Scott. “Just Lacey? Really? …That’s so intellectually deranged…I can’t believe a human like that could exist. But the Holocaust happened too. And so did 9/11.”

“It’s logistically absurd.” says Hemingway. “It isn’t grandiosity to suggest otherwise on her part or anyone else’s if they suggest that the whole thing is absurd.”

Hemingway turns to Lacey, “If these people exist…and you aren’t crazy…they drove you mad or tried to because some tv journalist has a bad marriage and screwed-up and gave you the once over…and his wife would rather believe you’re pure evil than lose her imaginary husband.”

“The once over online.” says Scott to clarify.

“They’re that petty.” says Elliott.

“And that weak.” says Zelda.

“That’s far more hideous than weak or petty allow for.” says Lacey

“And they want to pretend you’re poor to feel better about it. Like…they like to imagine…and get others to imagine that you are and were after their money.” says an living actress in the “conversation.”

“That kind of made sense back in 2015. I mean it didn’t really make sense. I’m sorry. But…regardless, it isn’t what happened. And I haven’t had any feelings for him since 2017. Really. I keep track of things like that. I’ve been over him for at least five years.”

*the cable-dude acts like a devastated victim now and even though they might molest kids – partially to impress people and seem sophisticated – they want to act like they have real moral superiority. Lacey is a heartless sociopath for pointing out their social inferiority and lack of real wealth…and for not magically loving cable-dude forever. Even after he inculcated her against her will and tried to kill her (and obviously turn the Illuminati against her and her entire family).*

“I wanted to let you decide whether or not you loved me.” says Lem like a suspiciously soggy noodle left on the counter for weeks from the last time you made spaghetti.

*cable-dude can’t stand being interrupted by Lem. “I mean, he’s dead!” He rolls his eyes in a belief of predestined superiority.*

*Scott laughs*

“I don’t think I’m their magic sex bullet. Or magic bullet in general.” says the woman who “flirted innocently” with Lem.

“Do you think we ruined things in the late 1990’s when we sacrificed things in ceremonies and asked for our…deity…not God…to arrange society?” asks Ghislaine.

*cable-dude manages a slight awareness of reality just long enough to feel a tiny bit scared and intellectually lost, but then narcissistically hides*

“Lacey thinks the answer is a yes.” says Lacey.

“Practically nothing in that book was represented accurately almost at all. In essence.” says Lem. “At least as far as I’m concerned.”

“So?” asks Scott.

“It was a brainwashing book. It was propaganda.” says Lem.

“It was a novel based in and on historical reality. But it misconstrued facts to argue for a false reconstruction of their lives and their connection and their…everything.” says Scott.

“How badly did it foul up everything for all of us?” asks Ghislaine.

Lem disappears for some good reason. Scott cries.

“Boy, I’m glad I’m not a Kennedy!” says the woman who came on to Lem. She directs the demons torturing her in Purgatory to attack Lacey and mock her for being loved by and loving Hoe Jr..

God intervenes.

*Hitchcock finds this all hilarious*

“What about me?” says Michael to the flirtatious woman.

“You don’t exist!!!” she shrieks at Michael. “No! I can’t stand this woman!” she says about Lacey. “She isn’t a-she can’t be! I’m soo much better than that! How dare she exist!!!”

She’s being serious.

“Wow!” says Michael.

Then feeling overwhelmed and terrified…because she’s new to Purgatory…she awkwardly offers herself to Michael like a prostitute. But you can tell she doesn’t necessarily know what she’s doing in any way.

“See…you have to treat these bitches like the assholes they are! You’re their superior. Act like it!” says an ivory tower Illuminati member to the dead woman to try to help her socially in Purgatory to stop making a fool of herself.

“And we’ll end it there for now.” says someone in Purgatory.