The Right Vein

Let’s say Ken Lay was looking for a way to tell the living that he was furious when he died…for a good reason. And when he went to Purgatory he found that Lacey was a perfect vein…

“She can almost hear me!” he might have said as he waved at her from across the room.

And then what?

He went back in time and inspired Dave to write a book.

“Thanks for the support Dave!”

Because…words can be nothing but words…and cigars cigars…or they can have horrible hidden meanings.

Support: A helping hand…of real charity…or raping Lem the way he was molested by a priest. A handsome, charismatic gay Episcopalian priest who seemed like Jack…and so how could it be wrong? And vice versa. Lem didn’t like the emasculating perspective that he’d been raped so…he turned it into homosexuality and the narcissistically (*cough* “Projecting.” says Michael in regard to Jack.) supportive Jack leant him a “helping hand”…and expected more opportunities to be ahh…supportive…and ahh…he hoped by being so “supportive” he’d be “rewarded” in a “friendly manner.” *wink by Jack at good ol’ Lemmers*

Jack with his many needs. His “tensions and support.” Jack seemed like an age appropriate, more lovable version of the priest? He made Lem feel needed too, I bet.

And of course Bobby Jr. scared Lem into realizing it was simply molestation not simply violent, age inappropriate homosexuality. ? Because Lem saw Bobby Jr.’s youth and realized that even if they enjoyed drugs together…sex really would be creepy. To even consider. So so gross. Basically impossible because of it’s depravity beyond depravity. Regardless of the rumors. And he (Lem) was therefore just molested…and then…and then…and then…he just did drugs with a kid?! *Lem horrified face* And…what if…he was…straight?!!? *Lem’s mouth drops open in the late 70’s/early 80’s* “Should I keep lying or tell the truth?” he thought. “I already ruined my life. And I did drugs with kids!!! I hate myself! Rightfully.” Then, “I should just end it. *shrug* “What good is it now? It’s spoilt. I’m essentially useless.” Lem finishes his narration of his life. He looks over at Pat Wilson.

“Did Bobby get molested by Lem…or were there perverts inventing rumors?” asks Pat. “Was he a surrogate daddy or a lover?!” *she laughs* “As in, Ethel knowingly turned her son over to a pervert to get him out of her hair? …Or is that all a lie?”

“There are no child lovers. That’s like licking radium paint in 2022 until it rots out your mouth and then calling it an orientation.” says Elliott. Many reputable sources agree, of course. Truly…they do.

“If radium paint didn’t have emotions.” says Harold Loeb.

“It’s sick. There is no pedophilic orientation. That’s a mind-controlling lie. That’s a way to weed out weaklings who would fall for it and then turn their kids against them if the kids aren’t unfit (by molesting them) or kill off their kids by what the kids will do after they’re that damaged. That destroyed. It’s a form of population control.” says an anonymous ghost.

“What about the kids who aren’t their kids?” asks Lacey.

“If the kids don’t figure out that it was just absurdity and that real love is far different then they’re better off dead. They’re either too gullible or too stupid or too evil or too sensitive to have to suffer through an ailing society’s downfall.” anonymous continues.

“Almost like the Holocaust but through using people’s evil or stupid-open-mindedness against them?” clarifies Lacey.

“You could say that. If it’s true. And if the Illuminati exists…they might not even know that anymore.” anonymous answers.

Eyes Wide Shut was a fairytale. It’s what should have happened if-“ Lem covers his mouth. “If Michael and Lacey weren’t set in place for eternity. And I could guarantee myself that she’s mine instead.” He thinks for a second. “Things are far worse than I even thought.”

“The Dave book is all about Jack?!?!?!” says a disgruntled reader in Purgatory. “Does Jack know that? It’s…all about him.” She laughs and covers her mouth with both of her hands. “Why doesn’t they see that?! It’s so awkward, Lacey.”

Lacey is speechless with anger and this woman understands that.

“But what about genuinely stupid people who also genuinely mean well?” Lacey asks anonymous.

*someone laughs*

“I don’t think Lem is stupid. And he isn’t. Sorry, if thinking he was a ditzy, whimsical, vulnerable-hot-guy who you could easily manipulate and sadistically hurt turned you on Jack. You loved feeling powerful. But it’s inaccurate. Were you, unfortunately, that genuinely stupid?”

“Yes. You’re right. It’s dangerous to assume the role of God and decide to violate the Bible. Like hurting orphans. Or children. Or cripples of any sort.” anonymous agrees it was an error if it was true. And maybe it wasn’t what happened? Or maybe it was a secret attempt at killing white people organized by Communists actually…

“Communists?!” Lacey asks.

“They’re smarter than you think.” says Harold Loeb.

“They were trying to weed out the troubling genetic elements to create their ideal society?” Lacey asks. “It’s Communist survival of the fittest.”

“Yes.” says Lem. “And no, these aren’t Nazis but actual Communists. And-“

“And I might not even remember how I died sometimes.” says Michael.

“Entertain us, Lem!” demands Ken Lay.

Ken Lay demands Lemmers tell a joke. Let me…despite my possibly silly name in regard to you…support you.

“I didn’t kill myself! I had a heart attack! It was my heart. It attacked me! My heart attacked me because I fell in love with Jack so badly…and the sex was so S&M-fantastic…that…I wrapped a device around myself, Jung myself from a light fixture…thought of Jack and his upcoming birthday and then- *he throws his hands in the air* I just-I- *he shrugs*”

“You died.” *Ayn Rand snaps her fingers* “Just like that! But Lem, why do I care?! Lem you’re weak! You shouldn’t have still loved him. He was dead. You needed to move on.”

“What I shared with Jack is irreplaceable, Ayn! And you’re a woman. I’m 100% gay. Unadulterated, organic, farm-raised homosexual. Grass-fed beef. But beef only for Jack.”

“Wow!!” says Ayn.

“He punches me in the face if I don’t love him right. Sometimes he makes me weep when he’s not watching.”

“But I bet…I bet he knows.” Ayn says.

“He was a very gifted psychic. He was better than any psychic I’ve ever seen. The last time I tied myself up around my throat like Mary…and Kate also did to have sexy sex for the hot-boys of the cool-kids-clubs…” *he clears his throat* “I couldn’t help but think of him slapping my face, hitting me over the head with a revolver while supporting me until my body did what he wanted…and then my heart attacked me and I died.”

“Wow! You two were the ideal couple. Can we assume you felt like you were flying when you died?”

“Yes. I went through a tunnel flying into outer-space on Jack’s love rocket on Cape Kennedy. And then unicorns celebrated our love. With glitter bombs. And there was dancing and lots of cake.”

*Herman Cain falls laughing. I’m sorry. But that’s what Lacey sees.*

“I really wasn’t gay. I’m sorry. But I just wasn’t.” Lem says. “I was kind. I was caring. I loved God. But I wasn’t actually attracted to men.”

“Are you a demon?” asks an enraged Lacey. “How dare you talk about Mary having sexy sex. Or even include her in your joke. That was kinda molesty. Did she ok you including her?” she says to “Lem” confrontationally.

“Jack liked it! And her husband can masturbate to thoughts of her and I together like the perverted fuckard from Hell he is. I can’t stand that bastard. I HATE THAT FAMILY!!! They can all go to Hell. See if I care! Lacey…”

She stands in silence processing it.

“Are you a demon?” She knows demons might not reveal themselves. But she still wants to ask.

“Mary isn’t as innocent as you think. She can be caring but she’s sexualized me.” Lem says.

“Doesn’t matter. Your job is to treat her like a genuinely retarded little girl with rabies before you include her in a sex joke.” says Lacey.

“I don’t think of him as a son. Or a nephew. I think of him as a heartless monster. And she was his accomplice until he hurt her too much. But you’re right.” Lem says. “I truly can’t stand that family.”

“She has no way of knowing if any of this true. Or if she should forgive you.” says someone.

“What about the kids in that family?” says Lacey to Lem.

“I don’t mean the kids. I’m sorry. You’re right about that too.” says Lem. “Or the innocent people.” *he smiles*

“What was the joke?” asks Ken.

“Truth. That the truth doesn’t change even if you say something that’s a lie. God isn’t a lie. Even if I am. And what’s a lie? What’s truth? Am I Lem or a demon? Do you know? Or are you too fried?”

“Do you empathize with people?” asks Mary.

“Yes.” answers Lacey.

“I’m not wrong. We really have hurt you. But you see the part of me that decided to kill myself. And I can’t ignore that. You could have been my actual aunt…Lacey. Even if you got divorced. And that’s not like Lem. And until he sees that…I should pray for him. He’s not necessarily wrong…but…what he doesn’t get is how loving you are.”

“That’s the joke. How loving you are. Because…as much as Lem may be dead and understand certain truths he doesn’t see into people’s hearts like God. He has to trust God. And listen to him.” says Ken Lay. “Otherwise the truth can be obscured.”

“I think I can figure things without any help at times and it’s prideful. Even in Purgatory.” Lem concludes.

The “Butterfly Effect” might be far more complex than we understand. Far more complicated. But I bet it’s understandable on the other side.

Maybe Dave’s book…didn’t change that much. Until 2006. Or so…

And after that it was a like dominos. A perfect chain reaction.

Revenge? *shrug* Or is it justice?

As evil as we make Ken Lay…what if he saw the cracks of a dysfunctional understanding of social-class causing a potential total collapse of the entire US? What if he saw it happening at the worst time? What if he thought people needed a warning? What if he felt that others in the leadership positions around the world…and around the Us…were…just as vile and dangerous as he was. If not more so.

If Lacey was tricked into seeing “code” on Twitter between journalists then…maybe this is what happened. What really happened.

Jack invented accounting based on Heaven. Not Earth. Or was that Joe Sr.. But what’s time? Right? What’s truth? What’s interpretation? What’s anything. Lol…nothing matters? Or…is it very important to be honest? Maybe Lem was actually straight. *gasp* How can that be true?!!? Do we have real evidence?

Post truth? Post modern?

Post Michael? Or Post Lemmers? Or Emily Post? Post cereal?

Which paragraph is better? Which paragraph is best? Who are you!? Who am I?!

“We’ll see.” says Michael. “Right?”