“How in the world did she sleep with a ghost?!” someone reading might wonder about Lacey.

The thing is…it’s complicated and she feels incredibly mixed feelings about all of it. But truly, the logistics are never something she’d probably ever talk about openly. …Suffice to say…she’s prayed about it before and after. And she doesn’t conjure them. And honestly…she wonders if it’s not quite like you’d think. And no…they haven’t come on to her during sleep paralysis.

Don’t analyze it too much. It’s not a wise thing to dwell on about other people anyway. Of course.

The thing is, if God is allowing ghosts and not demons to talk to Lacey…it could be literally the beginning of Purgatory for her. In her late 20’s she once prayed to die in her sleep after a bloody enough accident that her ex-husband worried and suggest she go to the hospital. She was quite convinced it was nothing…but feeling too depressed to check anyway she prayed to God (in the name of Jesus) to let her literally die in her sleep if He thought she should. She did not…

Or did she?

Certainly not in any obvious way.

But death is something we aren’t experts on scientifically. Not in 2022. Maybe we never will be.

…Regardless, it was after that that she started sensing ghosts. And she’s had two near brushes with death since… It just isn’t her time to go. And honestly it’s very important to note that that prayer was before she had kids. (The first was unplanned and the second was planned because if she had one she felt she should have another. She didn’t want to have an only child.)

She hopes Lem…if it’s Lem and not a demon…forgives her soon. And works through his trauma.

The thing is…there’s no marriage in Heaven.


“But that doesn’t mean there’s no sex in Heaven. It might mean there’s incredibly serious sex? Like…a…you literally have to spend eternity with this one person type of sex. Literally. …If God is truly allowing it…it could be a ridiculously wild thing to do on my part. Because I can barely see these men, so to speak. But…I can sense their spirits. And…honestly…if they’re not demons the thought of spending eternity with one of them sounds…Heavenly.” says Lacey. “And they seem like real dead men not demons.”

“One of them is a Rockefeller!!” says a silly lady who is dead with a teasing smile.

“But that’s not the point. Is it.”

“Why don’t you find a King or a-“

*Lem laughs*

“I don’t think it works like that.” Lacey says.

“I’m not worried.” says Lem. “I tell myself that it’s not that different than if we’d been married and I’d died before you.”

“I tell myself that it’s not that different than if I’d been friends with her father and we’d met at a party he was throwing and fallen in love. In the early 1940’s. But at 23 I thought she was too young and I didn’t want to ruin her life so we didn’t get married. And now that I’m dead I regret not trying.” says Harold.

“I tell myself that it just didn’t work out.” says Elliott.

“You have a lot of ex-wives to keep you company though.” says Lacey.

“Which worked out well for me.” says Lem, smiling.

“There aren’t that many of us. But she’s right. We don’t fight over it where we all are. Instead you have to work on it.” says another author.

It’s really as both Peter Kreeft and Swedenborg describe. Seemingly.

“I tell myself lots of things. If I’m not a demon we’re very close friends.” says Louis.

“I’m her ex. But we still care about each other deeply as people.” says Joe.

“I’m the one who volunteered to be her safety plan if she’s not with anyone else. The thing is, a spouse during life who you were in a genuinely happy marriage with would usually fulfill that role. But she hasn’t had that. And she’s almost 40 and-anyway…it’s nice to think of it that way for me too. I died so young. I wasn’t ready to die. And God shares with me what’s in her heart and it’s comforting…” Michael says.

“I’m not sure how she was married to both of us. But, that’s the thing. At the heart of that question is a problem we’d have to sort through even if that had factually happened in recorded living history.” says Lem.


Maybe they’re demons. …Maybe not. …God knows…