The Source Of Lacey’s Rage; Ghosts of Things To Come

Lacey got really angry. In 2015. Around the time cable-dude…should he exist…decided to blow-it and risk his family’s safety by “contacting Lacey” to feel superior, “worth something” in the grand scheme of things…and most importantly: oh so very cool.

Because being cool in the US is of the utmost importance to the average person. It’s the late 20th path to the top! It’s the late 20th materialistic salvation. It’s not inherently evil but it’s certainly not enough to redeem humanity.

No. It’s really not.

Lacey was extremely kind with her first account. Genuinely nice. Truly. People possibly misunderstood and thought she was merely being patronizing or condescending or fake but she was kind. In the perfume community they respected her opinion for a reason. She was legit.

…But as it is in the world of toxic social media people were toxic. And women who’d had nose jobs and grown out their hair…but who were fundamentally only slightly above average in their beauty thought they could outdo her. Longed to outdo her. And Lacey is an objective 10. That’s not bragging. That’s joust objective reality. And it’s by nature. She’s a rare beauty. That’s just science. Truly. Computers who don’t have narcissistic personality disorders have ranked her features a high 9 on a 10 pt. scale. Based on respectably objective worldwide metrics. …Yes. She did a fair amount of research into it all.

You can’t win. You’re Don Quixote.

*gasp* “She’s insulting me!!! That bitch! That means I’ve won already though right?” *huge grin* “That’s how it works!?” *gasp* “I bet her account didn’t even exist.” …Except all evidence points otherwise. And I know it did. I have photographic proof. I have footage.

Take your head out of your butt? Is that what some of you need to read???

No. You can’t entirely rely on rules of thumb to decipher a complicated universe. Sometimes Einstein was mistaken. Things are extraordinarily complex. And there are few certainties, although some do exist.

At any rate, the problem is…these women and men focused entirely on their own wounded egos. Long before Lacey ever mentioned anything openly about any controversial topic. Long before she discussed any of it intentionally at all. …And the entire time they missed their own evil and totally ignored why Lacey was ever angry or hurt to begin with.

Lacey…I..was tired of being constantly passive-aggressively attacked.

“I’ve never been anything but nice to you!” a pathologically obsessed hater once demanded I believe. I was never unkind. She was fake, saccharine, long-winded, and very passive aggressive. Very, very narcissistic. Always. But I tolerated it to be nice. “Your smile is almost as nice as mine!” she said once without shy seeming irony. I ignored it. (Her smile is actually objectively mediocre and I’ve received genuine compliments on mine my whole life.)

“Ugh! You’re such a Karen!” says a hater with their fingers crossed that I’ll buy it and feel dumb and ugly and confused. They subconsciously shake their ass to make it work by seducing demons. Hey writer for an online-something-journalistic-or-another: Arthur Miller really wasn’t just a backward idiot…

“You shouldn’t tell your friends about how much money you have.” said cable-dude in regard to that woman in 2015. Seemingly… But…she was never a real friend and it’s fascinating how another narcissistic person like him missed that. And…he also missed what Lacey was doing and why she was doing it by telling that “friend” anything about her level of wealth “in private.” Entirely missed it or didn’t want to bother to truly consider it. Because based on his background and real (malicious) psychological difficulties the hater “made sense” not Lacey.

“Did they make us narcissistic to rule over us without us being able to object in any real, meaningful way? Or did we all just become that way?” asks someone curiously.

“Did they do a science experiment about how weak and genuinely inferior you are compared to them as a human? Oh! Narcissism is cool! Be cool! It’s cool! You’re cool! Shake it, boss byotch!” says Lacey. “Shake it!” …”And then all your money falls out of your pockets while you’re shaking it trying to look cool. Or you stop being grounded in God’s love and reality and become a weaponizable fool?” *She smiles* “God’s an opiate!!!”

I was fed up with being kind to incessantly rude, conceited, arrogant fools. People who knew secretly deep down that their beauty was almost ugly compared to mine. That they were poor compared to me. That they were stupid compared to me. That they were crass, passive-aggressive jerks. But they decided to not be gracious as the jerks they apparently were. In return for my exhausting attempts to always be kind and focus on perfume they twisted truth and did so eventually violently enough that they could lie to everyone including themselves and seem distracting if not believable. And the thing is…they did it to feel superior. Superior to you? Sure. But for whatever reason ripping me apart from the inside out was the real prize!

That’s all. They just wanted to feel superior. …At least that’s what objectively makes sense.

They have/had no deep, redemptive meaning. They had no redemptive sympathetic human emotion. But they’re too blinded by narcissistic rage to realize that…

They’re all burst narcissistic bubbles. Hatred. Stalking. Crass, vulgar lies. Gross, seething intentions. Idiotic attempts to “Bring her down!” …They just want/wanted to be able to snub me. They just want/wanted to be able to sadistically enjoy hurting me. To destroy me of possible. Kill me or literally (in one hater’s case) joke about killing me. Tell me that to my face in front of my kids (in person) that they’d rather be dead than have kids. …Then take up my time bragging about themselves. That’s their level of meaning and validity. Negative below zero. They have no authentic courage in regard to me.

There was nothing good or grand about their hearts or motives. Nothing human. Animals are sometimes more refined and good. Rocks sometimes better at being human. But don’t expect them to see that for more than five minutes.

And that is why I’m bold. That is why I’m sharp. Because they give poverty a bad name. They give feminism a death sentence. They genuinely hate even with their obnoxious “cool kid” clout. They use their “minority status” to get real sympathy and then proceed to brag about themselves.

“I love you!!” said one female hater to another female hater as they mocked me with a level of lack of awareness of all things that was embarrassing. They loved each other’s gross hatred of me. Not each other. They had little in common besides being “common” and feeling narcissistically enraged by my existence and healthy self-esteem.

“You should feel sorry for them though, Lacey!” says Harold Loeb.

“Why?” asks Lacey.

“You really don’t know?” asks Lem.

“Are you deaf?” asks Lacey of Lem. (No…ghosts aren’t deaf.)

“There are different kinds of wealth. Some comes from hundreds of thousands of some honorably, legally acquired commodity. A commodity backed by the US Constitution. A commodity backed by those with a conscience. Even indigenous folk. *he rolls his eyes* As in, the land Lacey’s family acquired wasn’t necessarily violently taken in any form. And if it was it certainly wasn’t by the family, her family, that has taken excellent care of it for over a continuous hundred years. You have to keep things honestly in perspective in order for anything to make sense.” says Elliott.

“We never had that kind of wealth.” says Lem.

“Yes you did. Right?” asks Lacey who can’t figure out if he’s being mean or serious.

“And that is exactly what’s wrong, Kirk.” says Harold. “You can’t twist your bitterness or your hurt ego into her sin or her arrogance and expect anything good to come of it.”

… …

I don’t hate people. I hate that we’ve made things what they aren’t. I hate that people yell if you try to confront lies. I hate that they pretend to be authorized by God…and authority…to rip you apart when you challenge them.

“Do people other than you truly challenge people without any genuine malice?” asks Harold.

“I can’t believe I’m the only one really doing that. I’ve seen it before.”


“…In my youth.” says Lacey.

“Are most of those people dead now?”

“Are they?” She thinks. “Dear God help us…that can’t be true. Is it?!”

“Why do you care so much about Poland?!!?” shrieked a violently condescending professor at Lacey in college. He thought she was a “selfish” buffoon. Now he’d likely shake his ass and thumb his already self-elevated nose and claim she misunderstood him or that the conversation never happened or that she was unaware of or without foresight about anything happening now. That she only wanted to study Poland for stupid reasons like politics and military history…not culture like a real intellectual. *laugh* She has..HAS…to be a nothing. A…NOTHING!! *seething haters almost literally blowing steam out of their nostrils*