Lem felt guilty. Not for the confusing legacy he left behind for Lacey to unravel but for the way he felt he’d stolen her away from any other possible flames. He felt he’d charged ahead and not been fair.

And now he realizes that was a mistake. A huge mistake.

It wasn’t his love for her he had to be wary of but the purity of his love. The willingness he truly had to be…truly serious.

He’s very quiet about it but in truth he’s overwhelmed by his company. Lacey may be with him…but he needs to convince Lacey he’s more God’s choice than Michael.


Well…it’s a silly blog. Right?! So to reiterate, Michael Rockefeller. Yes thee Michael Rockefeller. But then it’s also Louis…and Harold.

“It’s comical.” says someone but she means it in (genuinely) the best way.

The pilots from WWII…the one Millennial… and everyone else is “gone.”

“She didn’t set out to pick a particular type of man. Lem proves that.”

Lacey thinks they all flatter each other. To all be compared together in such a manner as this.

…Michael might understand how lost she feels the most. Not to be ironic. And yet…he’s too decent and brave and smart and trusting in God to not feel quite sure that if Lem is better for Lacey he should actually let him go forward and win, so to speak.

But…without the others none would be where they are in relation to her. And that worries Lacey. Still, it doesn’t. Michael is profoundly comforting should it be at all real.

She’s going to pray that they pray. Scott agrees. And he’s trying to be as impartial as possible… Possibly truly. So is Zelda.