Lacey Is A Sailboat

If you don’t secure the sails the ship is at the mercy of the waves and the wind.

Most times she manifests and sails herself.

But in love she can’t.

And if you just sit in the boat in the middle of the ocean and don’t do a thing on a bad day you’re toast. Or you might just get really wet. But you can’t blame the boat either way…

“She’s not a player and it’s not a game. But you can’t just sit there doing nothing and expect her to rescue you.” Joe says to Lem. “I’m dead, Lem. I’m a good sailor. I always was. I wasn’t as good of a pilot. But she’s a boat, friend. And she was my boat…even while I rest. Grow-up.”

“I’m the captain now. I kept seeing you capsizing and I decided it was a shame. It’s a great boat, dude.” says Michael. “You could sail it safely around the world.”

“How do you keep capsizing?” asks Joe of Lem.

“No, Lacey is art.” says Lem.

“But then what?!” asks Jack.

Lem looks at him coldly through spectacles at about 18 in an art museum. In front of a new Monet.

“Just stand there-and-and stare at her? That’s-that’s no fun.” says Jack

“It’s just a dream. It’s all a dream Jack. And I’m not real and you weren’t real and none of us were. Except for Lacey. She’s just a statue made of marble and bronze at an exhibit. And we’re demons watching her. Wishing she was living, breathing flesh and we were human men. …You never existed Jack. That was a dream. In the Devil’s sleep.” says Lem to Jack.

Lem and Jack. Jack and Lem. Lemmers and John Sr.. Jack and Lem.

Are you an illusion in the Devil’s sleep too? Or a sailboat? Or a speck of dust in a snow globe on a planet with “giant” real humans?

“Be sophisticated!”

“Shake it!”