Sex Doesn’t Exist

Did you know that “having sex” wasn’t a popular thing to say until the 20th Century. Like periods in art history the timetable of for the usage of slang words like the word gay isn’t an exact science, per se. It’s not at all often that you can pin it down to one second or day or moment in time the start of a slang word. At least not easily. But instead, slang emerges to a place of recognizable clarity and obvious distinction over time.

Anyway, what is bad sex? What is good sex?

First, good sex is actually just making love. Bad sex is when you do the act of making love in some way shape or form but fail to make love. And that’s it. That’s everything you need to know about that, as far as I’m concerned.

Except what’s making love? That’s when two truly equally yoked people give their full beings to each other in a sexual manner. Hence the slang, “having sex” I suppose. But the point is to become one. One entity. One flesh…

But you don’t become one flesh? Not from the worse of our “living eyes.” Well…living in a fallen world, that is. But in God’s eyes you’re one.

It’s messy. Which is why you’re supposed to be Godly about it.