An Interview For A Wednesday

Is this witchcraft? This blog post, that is. If you think it is pray these demons leave me alone. Or if you’re a witch don’t pray for me.

At any rate, Lacey will now interview Michael with Lem’s chaperoning presence.

Lacey: What’s the best part of being able to see God?

Lem: His mercy.

Michael: He’s also very just, Lacey.

Lacey: I can’t imagine as a human ever getting that combination perfect. That must be glorious to witness indeed.

Michael: You’ll have to wait. *He smiles*

Lacey: I assume possibly correctly or not that you don’t know if I’ll go to Heaven or Hell or Purgatory when I die. But yes, hopefully I won’t have rejected salvation through Jesus Christ at all when I die.

Michael: Thank you for not focusing on my horrendous death. I honestly appreciate that.

Lem: The biographers do tend to focus on the most unsavory aspects of one’s life and death. Or the moments that will make people laugh or cry or fall in love or…

Lacey: Military history. Historic details. Gossip. Yes…. There’s not often a ton of empathetic biographical writing these days. I think one of the most empathetic biographies I’ve ever read was of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Andrew Turnbull.

And at that it’s time to go!

Lem and Michael smile. It’s time to go eat cereal. And then sleep. And tend to important (but not serious) family issue before all that.

More later.

Quick update:

Be careful interpreting the Bible. And be careful about what interpretations of the Bible you read online or how seriously you take them.

I’ve been taught in good theologically sound sermons in church that the Witch of Endor actually did conjure up the real ghost of Samuel. …However, I just read an irritating online site claiming that because that “ghost” came up through the ground and was conjured it couldn’t be real. *eye-roll* Also they had a very unbiblical and bizarrely contradictory belief that we basically cease to exist after death so there’s no way a ghost could exist? *eye-roll*. I’m not sure why this site claimed to be a generic online Bible reference resource. It’s kind of scary actually…

…No. The thing is…the story of Samuel and Saul is in The Old Testament. So, that’s before salvation through Christ. Samuel was a Jew. Not a Christian. And it’s unclear what that afterlife was like…or even where it was. It’s possible Saul and Samuel where somehow together but not. I’m not sure Samuel would gave gone to Heaven as a Christian conceives of it. More intelligent and hermeneutically sound writing and preaching should be done on this topic perhaps…