How It Happened To Lacey

Are you confused as to how Lacey got all mixed-up in “this stuff?” Let’s quickly recap.

She’s an only child. She was raised possibly not by her birth parents but by two people who were and are extremely complicated. …She was treated very poorly but raised to be healthy, wealthy and wise. And good. And Godly.

She became a Christian at a very young age as she was consciously aware of the concept and decided for herself that she believed. She was supposedly 2 1/2. She may have been closer to three years old.

At any rate, she still is a Christian. She’s been one almost her whole life. 36 years. Her faith has obviously intellectually matured since age 3 and yet the concept remains the same.

But…after battling serious depression since childhood she was so depressed at age 28 that she prayed to die in her sleep if it was God’s will.

…She almost died in childbirth two years later. Then after that with undiagnosed hypothyroidism that probably was starting to affect her heart rhythm.

…And that’s when she started seeing ghosts more. And wondering more. But she is a Christian so she let it go. For the most part. It affected her…but she was very much in the present still.

Then she accidentally found Illuminati codes on Twitter and mistook them for a sort of short-hand being used by journalists to say things to each other that only they could understand. Like,

“What are you doing today?”

“I’m snorting coke, going tanning and then working.”

And after one man flirted with her using this code she started communicating back. For months. Losing herself in fascinating conversation using this “silly language” she’d discovered. Again she assumed it was a sort of…nerdy shorthand invented by bored geeks with time to kill.

…But then it got really weird.

After a while it seemed like it was more than just journalists using the code and she started hearing disembodied voices. Possibly because someone’s wife and mistresses got very, very angry. Possibly someone wanted to sacrifice her, just kill her for the heck of it or drive her literally insane. As revenge. On a power trip. To feel less narcissistically wounded and so, soo rich.

“Where you’re going Jesus can’t help you!”

“Come to the dark side!”

“Do you want to join our coven?”

Those were a few of the first things said to her telepathically.

In fact, she felt so genuinely spiritually oppressed that she wondered if she’d genuinely died without realizing it and gone to Hell…or if she’d just gone insane…or if she’d been or was being poisoned. Or attacked by a coven???

On one occasion she heard the disembodied voice of Bobby Jr. who thought she was only high and seeing hallucinations and told her calm down. He was comforting to talk to, except she wasn’t high. And he was essentially told to talk to her because she’d written about his dead Uncle Joe.

The Illuminati is apparently quite complicated. And the opinions and belief systems within the group actually vary. Sometimes she sides with Bill. Sometimes she sides with Bobby. Sometimes she sides with the Queen Mother.


Because eventually over time…and with God’s help she managed to work it all through in her mind enough to function. She couldn’t be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Or really anything but depression. …Although they did prescribe sleeping pills…and she never filled the prescription. She worried it wasn’t a wise thing to do.

And maybe “they” were just looking for a clever way to get at her oil laden family. Before unaware (but subtly encouraged) cable-dude and his wife and mistresses became a great way in. Who really is cable-dude? That is a great question but not one Lacey will answer now. …Regardless, it seems likely that someone somewhere with a lot of new money overreacted and felt Lacey’s family was troubling. Because they were threatening with their old ways and clannish familial closeness. And mysterious too. And politically aware and even actively involved in both parties…but not a part of the right coven, so to speak. *laugh*

Or…maybe it’s just demons. Or ghosts and demons. Playing with her kindness and empathy. Or aliens. Or…

Because now…ghosts or demons…move things. Make noises. Possibly play her piano.

And again, there are both demons and ghosts…it seems. And the Devil. And God. And angels. And possibly saints. It all seems very Catholic.

…But is it? If her father was born in 1894 what’s going on with her brain? …And regardless, without God she’d not exist.

You might wonder: How does the Illuminati communicate? Well for one thing they communicate telepathically to specific people. But that’s just like talking in your head. Like in “The Shining.” Otherwise it’s…not clear they say much. They affect the spiritual climate in some ways. And etc.. But…*shrug* it’s…like any other elite leadership group, seemingly. Or at least it has been. And it may have been less evil in the past…so that’s concerning. Like 1990’s and before was possibly a little less evil…for whatever reason.

…What do they seem to want? Control and order. Not necessarily for evil ends. However questionable their methods.

How evil are they really? It depends. Some Christians are somewhat forced into it…and they deal daily with their conscience and God. And some Christians secretly give-up their faith. Some are heinous and some are possibly very genuinely kind. It’s dangerous to assume either way.

…Regardless…evil is evil. Good is good. And don’t let anyone bully you into thinking otherwise. Be careful you trust God.