Occultism vs. Genuine Intellectual Honesty

…Lacey loves European witches in the Illuminati. They may have been used by God to literally save her life. It’s the “American” witches who hate:

1. Old money 2. Genuine sexual progress (according to Lem) 3. “inefficiency”

who hate her. Who want to use sexual perversion and poverty and arrogance and narcissistic idiocy and defiance of God in general to kill her. Because they want money. Byotch, they want money. *woot woot*

“Shake it!!”

The thing is…what they do is wrong. Witchcraft is always wrong. Even “using the Holy Spirit.” …But some witches seem more aware of God’s existence and possibly respectfully afraid of it even…than others.

Lacey doesn’t conjure the dead.

“Lacey be crazy, y’all!! Like schizophrenic!”

“Except she’s not.”

“No. We’re all just demons. *shrug* But you should conjure us to make sure. Right? Wrong.”

And she believes it’s possibly ironically demonic and witchcraft to label all entities demons. No, former mediums of Tik Tok you weren’t just talking to demons, in her humble estimation. And that’s possibly an unbiblical belief. It’s contrary to objective observable reality and possibly also actual scripture. And thus it’s a dangerous thing to go around saying as Biblical fact. …Because it could actually confuse intellectually honest people into leaving God out of frustration with the possible ugly ignorance of that. If you were a former witch pray for people. And yourself. Since witchcraft is about egotism and control outside of God’s power going online and using your “former life” to get street-cred and likes and admiration and follows is…dangerous.

“But I’m sharing to help people.”

Really? Are you sure that’s your actual heart intent? Be careful. Don’t underestimate the Devil again. And don’t underestimate God either… Right?! Like…He’s kind of a big deal. Right?

What if you’re wrong? What if you just miss the good company of the actual dead? They were possibly better people than most people alive today. …And obviously better company than your self-absorbed, self-serving, competitive jerk “friends” from cool-church. …It’s comforting to make them all demons. Really comforting. But it’s awful to think you have to ignore actual friends until you die too and join them? …Kinda like King Saul. Don’t worry. Everyone dies. You will too someday. Any idea where you’re really going? Purgatory? Hell? Heaven? Have you prayed to God about it?

Dang. I’m questioning if you’ll shoot straight to eternal bliss or be purified? I wonder if that’s the demons taking control and talking through me or the Holy Spirit? Why is it bad to pray to God? The God of the Bible. …Because He’s your friend and not mine? How could I question your theology?!

Pray to the God of the Christian Trinity. Jesus is His son. Pray to Him.

Lacey was fine. She ignored them until 2014 when she almost died…but then they started literally manifesting. And she hasn’t been able to control them ever since. …She’s skeptical that God would allow that if they were and are only just demons. …And wouldn’t it be nice for the Devil if they were?

Be careful. Is the abomination just out of love for the psychic or for the dead in Purgatory as well. Out of respect for their vulnerability during their eternal rest?

…She doesn’t count on them to be ghosts. But…she refuses to violate her intellectual conscience and assume they’re demons.

“That’s so…dicey.”


But…she’s not going to assume anything. Read the Bible and believe it. That’s fact. But be careful with your ego while you do so. That’s how Satan fell. Or no?

And don’t practice witchcraft.