On The Surface

What did Lacey “fall for” with cable-dude? His persona.

“His persona?”


…Most people have a persona. Whether they’re elite or not. It’s…ordinary. Common. Average. Normal. But…Lacey was raised and bullied to take a persona more seriously than she should. Bullies never let go of their lies around her and still don’t…because the lies are so beloved to her bullies.

Lacey’s bullies tend to love lies.

“‘Child abuse will often make the child possessed by Satan or demons.’ says a priest.”

“Yummy!” says JFK.

“That’s not JFK!”

Oh…right. That’s just a demon’s persona. There are no ghosts. And JFK isn’t mocking that possibly hideous and psychopathic lie.

“I think God would totally let demons posses a child who is being horrifically killed from the inside out. It’s not like he says that He cares about children a profound amount. No. He looks the other way.” says a dead priest sarcastically. He did not abuse children and will not.

“Anyway…you thought he was a very different person than who he actually is. Whether he communicated with you telepathically or not. You fell for his persona.” says Michael to Lacey.

“Yes.” says Lacey.

…She worries about what will happen when she dies. She assumes demons will try to impersonate her too and she doesn’t want anyone to be deceived. And she wonders what recourse she’ll have if she doesn’t go Hell. And of course Hell is a very real place. Possibly physically, even.

String Theory is fascinating.

“Do you think you would have married me or been in the White House? And if they exist…you’d have had to deal with them then too.”

“In a happier world?”



“You could have saved my life.” says Lem.

“Well, if you’re ghosts God can use anything for the good if you genuinely submit and ask Him to.” says Lacey.

“No. No. No. No, you’re doomed to Hell.”


“Because. Just because. Just…cuz.”

“Are you done?”


“You know I don’t believe you.”


“I wish evil didn’t exist.”