Clarifies And Extrapolates Brilliantly

Lem did not have any sort of intercourse with Jack or Michael last night.

Or Louis Hill Jr.

Or any man.

He did not do that.

Neither did Michael. And Jack did not do that either.

Did you imagine having sex with Lem? Or Louis or Michael or me? If so, you didn’t succeed. In your heart it counts for you in the eyes of God, and while demons may try to use it…and God could too if He really chose to…it was one-sided.

“Don’t speak ill of the dead.”

“What does that really mean?” asks Satan.

Are you going to find out in Hell or Heaven? Purgatory? In the hole in the ground where the “fake Saul” swooped up and was accidentally labeled badly in the Bible as the actual Saul?

Words. Words. Words. Wordy words. Meanings. Context. …It’s all the same. Right?

Pray to God.