“I don’t want to share you with anyone.” said Lem last summer.

But Lacey doesn’t know if he’s a ghost or a demon. Or if God is allowing it or not.

There are two kinds of teachings on the matter in Christianity. Both seem false to Lacey. One is far too permissive and the other seems…also deceptive and evil. She tries to discuss her frustrations with God.

“My uncle was the president of his fraternity in the late 50’s or early 60’s.” says Lacey through telepathy as part of a long conversation.

(This is factually accurate about Lacey’s uncle.)

“Mmmm. No! No. You’re lying. No he wasn’t. No.” says Cable-dude.

Cable-dude, should he exist inspired the haters on Instagram in the perfume community. He organized demonic herds to give them ideas and suppress the truth about Lacey’s identity and real social-class position from coming out in her writing or otherwise. He used the Illuminati to destroy her first account. To hurt her. And them. And he loves to interrupt her private conversations with ghosts he’s had conjured. Like Lem. As in she’s talking to the ghosts and it has nothing to do with him anymore (and never did) and then he interrupts.

“He was gay!!!” is said in a million gaslighting, aggressive and otherwise abusive ways about Lem.

The living Kennedy’s aren’t sure. They’ve said that they wouldn’t be surprised if Lem was straight. They seem to have confusing feelings on the matter. …And while they-

“Despised!” shrieks Cable-dude.

…Disliked the idea at first they’ve realized that it’s weird-

“You’re schizophrenic!” shrieks Cable-dude.

…It’s weird to assume Joe Jr. didn’t find his soulmate and try make something of what was left. And as he’s their uncle they still want him to find happiness. If he can.

“I hate you!” shrieks Cable-dude.

“Is he really that obsessed?!” asks Lem of fellow ghosts and angels in Purgatory about Cable-dude. It deeply irritates and hurts Lacey that he hasn’t already realized this.

Demons cause chaos in Lacey’s life. The Pope is embarrassed by Himself.

Her ex starts laughing loudly, one kid is screaming, the music is all wrong, and a man outside is suddenly yelling. …She wants to process reality but she’s being psychically psychotically interrupted?

“See! That’s why they say not to mess with us!” says Cable-dude’s (seemingly) former mistress.

“He’s still in love with her!” some Millennial Illuminati observes about Cable-dude to another Illuminati member.

“Aww! She’s so lucky! I bet she loves that!” says another Illuminati member.

“I don’t lov-“ Lacey tries to communicate.

“She’s evil for not loving him!” interrupts a female Illuminati member.

“If you guys keep terrorizing my every breathing moment like this more bad stuff is going to happen. And don’t assume I’m not being allowed to talk to spiritual entities by God without your ability to control it.”

Lacey has been repeatedly warning them of this for years and many “Americans” are mostly in denial about it. They want to kill her or break her or patronize her or lie… But really most “Americans” in the Illuminati can’t wrap their head around their lack of godlike superiority over her. They keep trusting it exists and assuming it’s reality and acting on it as if it does.

“Ouch!” yells one of her children. A demon just pushed her child over and now they’re crying.

And one morning something asked her, “Do you still want to protect the Kennedy’s?”

And since the two brothers had been aggravated to attack her…and it genuinely hurt…she answered no. Two of them died within months.

“We can’t stop him.” an Illuminati member lies.


Because if they stop him it ruins it. It ruins their façade of real power and actual competence.

*Ken Lay laughs*

“Relax! She’s just Marilyn reincarnated!!” he says mockingly.

“No. We should just try killing you again for the hundredth time.” says an Illuminati member to Lacey.

“It’s funny how everyone hates my family but they ignore how complicit so many other institutions are, should the Illuminati exist. They ignore how profoundly evil it is to attack you.” says Michael.

“And make it impossible for me to sort out my feelings in your head so you can understand how much I love you.” says Lem.

“You’re Jack reincarnated!” screams a demon at Lacey.

“He was gay!” screams another demon.

“I’m going to get you!” says Cable-dude melodramatically but it’s unclear if he’s self-aware enough to realize he’s being melodramatic or if he thinks he’s genuinely scary.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sad! I’m going to drink bleach!” says his wife and it’s unclear if she’s being serious or

“I’m worried she actually will kill herself in one last dramatic ploy to get sympathy.” says Lacey.

“I highly doubt that.” says Mary the ghost.

“I hope not.” says Lacey sincerely.

“That can’t be her!!” shrieks an Illuminati member. “Lacey can’t talk to ghosts!” he reassures her haters…and yet he also wonders.

“I think you’re a better match for Lem.” interrupts a Kennedy family member ignoring the chaos and offering an opinion.

A dead one laughs at this.

“Why did they decide to do this?” asks Lacey to no one in particular.

“It’s funny isn’t it?” says Lauren Bacall. “Lacey we can’t protect everyone. But God can. He has angels. Sometimes He allows us to help, but only as He commands us. And no, for anyone wondering, we’re not angels. We’re dead humans.”

That may or may not have been real.

“Whatever, you’re farm street-trash.” says Cable-dude. “So was Lem.”

His wife is comforted by this and agrees.

“The big deals who refuse to talk to me are just patronizing her. It’s not real guys. It’s just not real. She’s our little street-trash plaything.” says his “former” mistress. Lacey has actively tried to ignore these people for years so she’s unclear on the details of these people’s lives.

“Is that an attempt to psychologically control me or do you sincerely still think that?” Lacey asks Cable-dude, ignoring the former mistress who seemingly still lurks at Lacey on occasion. Possibly uses her for “inspiration” in some way.

And this is right about when his wife would usually start freaking out and say something repulsive like, “They’re having an affair! He’s hiding it and so is she! I just know it! She’s such an ugly bitch. So ugly. But he loves her.” about Lacey. Because like Jackie and Lemmers Cable-dude’s wife “tolerates” the “former” mistress like the elite she is. But Lacey and her passionate flame with her husband that is unending…is…soo trashy and desperate.

“What about my father and his mistres-“ starts Lacey but she’s interrupted by hateful members of the Illuminati.

“They aren’t your-“


“Who cares! Gosh, you’re such a snob!!!”

“I’m starting to find your adorable little accounts of real history hilarious.” says Lem. “It’s been deeply hurtful and irritating for years but now it’s comedy.”

“There was no Lemmers and Jackie in that way.” says Jackie O.. “He tried to help me I guess, but he didn’t serve that sort of role in my marriage to anyone.” She erupts into laughter at having to genuinely clarify these days that he didn’t “assist her” in her marriage to anyone and not just Jack.

“She’s been entirely over him for years. Truly. We’ve watched. And thank God we’re not so easily fooled.” says a member of the British Aristocracy in the Illuminati. (He’s referring to Lacey here. Not Jackie.)

And they’re right. She genuinely got over Cable-dude in 2017. Not over the “chaos” he’s caused but over him in any romantic and/or sexual way. It was always a fallacy based on misunderstandings of his wildly different public versus private personality though… …But no matter how much Lacey tries to communicate this the “American left” doesn’t hear her. Neither does the “American populist right.”

On camera he seems kind. Thoughtful. Sincerely serious. Maybe too politically devoted at worst. But in reality he’s…conniving. Calculating. Not cold but not sincere. And he seems totally overwhelmed by his life’s trajectory. His wife finds it exciting. Intoxicating to her ego. But she too may be overwhelmed. …And everyone like them sees themselves in them.

“It’s like survival of the fittest and she’s the fittest. It hurts man! It just hurts!” says Dana.

“Because she’s over me?!” asks Cable-dude.

“She was only questionably interested in you in the first place.” says a Millennial Illuminati member.

“I don’t think she ever loved you at all.” says an heiress in the Illuminati.

“That’s not true!” he says.

“Well, I was in love. But it’s unclear if it was really with you.” says Lacey.


“No! This is so juvenile. I don’t have time for this!” says a “busy” American Illuminati member quite seriously.

They’re just schizophrenic voices? Just demons? Or no?

And who is Cable-dude? He could be a lot of different men on cable television. They’re all somewhat fake in some way or another the most part.

Lacey is over it as much as she can be. They’ve been telling themselves the same lies about what happened since 2015.

In truth some may have pulled strings within the ranks to approach her about oil, so to speak. And others were used and shocked by her ability to seemingly find them not realizing the overall big picture of things despite their pretensions otherwise. Because whoever was scared about the oil possibly knew she was unusually smart and could be affected by their practices due to potential genuine intellectual interest. She was politically active for years…

“No she wasn’t!” says Cable-dude’s wife.

Except she was.

“She’s not that smart! SHE’S LYING!”

Except Lacey isn’t lying.

“Whatever. Lem was gay.” says Cable-dude and/or the demons working with him. “You just don’t like experiencing being rejected. You’re so ugly. Lem was gay.”

“Yah. Uh huh.” says another journalist to confirm.

“He was gay!”

“He was soo gay guys. He was the gayest man to ever live! Jack and I were sucking his dick last night. For 40 hours! It was so hard, dude! He’s still stuck in Jack’s ear canal this morning. And Jackie brought us donuts! Dudes, it was awesome. I’m black now too. I’m an Asmat. They prayed over me using powdered sugar and danced and chanted and turned me into a gay black man. Like Will Smith’s character in Six Degrees of Separation. Only I’m hotter. And soo gay. Like, soo soo gay. And Lem can’t keep his nostrils and ear canals off of me. It’s hot.” says Michael.

“That must be how they have sex in Heaven these days.” says a witch.

“It’s safer.”

“Safe sex!!!” says JFK. “Woohoo!”

“Yay safe sex!!” says Joe Jr.. “You guys didn’t really know us.” he adds sadly. “It’s not funny.” He smiles. “You’ve done so much harm. And there’s humor in it but it’s-“ *he shakes his head* “I’m appalled.”

And it was all a mistake. Like parting with Great Britain was a mistake? Ou non?