Lacey worries most about offending God. She believes He’s merciful, but it still scares her to talk to ghosts.

Last night she realized something rather comforting though.

“It was the spring of 2017…as a marching band went by her then apartment downtown that she had her last romantic feelings for Cable-dude. She recalls it vividly. Was it in March or June? Or May?

Either way…she realized how fervently stupid it was in that instant. And promised herself to be entirely done with him. And that was that.

What’s comforting about it…is who had just died. This morning…or was last night…his face flashed before her in his youth. And she’s heard his first name lately too. Frequently heard it.

Sounds psychic. Except she isn’t a psychic. But…it’s a human brain. And perhaps that’s just how our brains work when being contacted by the supernatural. What’s important is who is contacting you and how you’re contacting them and why and etc. and etc.. There’s no Christian way to be a psychic. Sorry… But…the “word of knowledge” in Christianity isn’t wildly different in some ways from psychic perspectives. It’s complicated and extraordinarily disturbing. And not the point of this post… But anyhow…

I think he might have subconsciously talked to me back then. Or prayed for me. Or both.

“Noo! You’re done. That’s rubbish. It’s such rubbish!” he said in her hallway. Possibly to both her and Michael.

And it was. But what’s this?“

Lacey sort of concludes…but is still fraught.

And…who? God will have to give Lacey grace because she’s worried she’ll hurt someone.

But Lem and Michael are fighting over Lacey. And it’s difficult for Lem. He’s unfamiliar with it. But he feels happy in a way too. He never got to do this…and it’s fascinating.

“Yes. It is fascinating.” says Genevra.

Lacey loves Genevra. Not in that way. But…she adores her as a person.

That house though… What a tragedy.

Was it around that time that Lacey saw it in the afterlife? Perhaps. …Poor Genevra.

“Oh! I suppose he’s won her. But Harold and Louis and now Michael keep protesting. And Louis insists it’s what’s best. And God keeps allowing it. And-God is God, regardless.”