Pat’s Humor According To George Cukor

Pat Wilson also finds the irony described in Lacey’s last post hilarious. *she smiles*

And she’d like to take Lacey’s blessed glass bottle of Pellegrino and hit Joe Jr. over the head with it too…

“No!” screams Katharine Hepburn.

Lem thinks about how he really did meander into the “oldest kids room” in the Kennedy family in death. And now that he’s stuck in a different grade with the kids more his age, so to speak…he realizes that math really does make sense of many things better than eating paste and cutting with borrowed safety scissors. It truly seems as though Lem didn’t romantically or sexually like or love Jack in any genuine way at all. But the platonic friendship between Jack and Lem given the sad sexual violations and mutual confusion shared between them is still baffling and troubling to Lacey…

“It was so toxic.” she muses to herself sadly. Puzzled. Only Scott really hears her.

“Iced coffee. A salad. Photograph something.” Lem tells Lacey.

They’re floating in lovely big canoes (?) near the Asmats. All of them. Including Scott, Harold and Zelda. …Even Hemingway, of course.

Michael and a few missionaries are giving them a tour. Someone is using a parasol. Although, in their realm it’s actually temperate there, far more so than it is in most of Europe today anyway.


God have mercy.

“We’re in a very odd situation.” says Michael to Lacey.

“Nothing matters!” says the snoring man sarcastically.

“And should the Illuminati exist you were sex-trafficked!” says the once something aristocratic of Jersey to Lacey.

*Lacey laughs at this too*

“No, I think they really did. If that’s even how their organization works.”

*people laugh*

“Except…you were trafficked to the dead!” says Pat’s once husband ominously.

“It’s such romantic trafficking, though. I rather feel like they’re getting ripped off in the deal.” says Lacey.

“If we’re really ghosts and this isn’t sending you to Hell until you repent.” he clarifies.

“And I do, actually. Because I can’t figure out what to do.” says Lacey. “Not to mock God’s mercy and forgiveness but because I can’t understand it all.”

“I know.” says Pat.


“Did they really traffic me?!” she wonders.

“No.” the dead husband decides.

“But in a way it does look like it.” says Louis.

“They trafficked you to your dead twin flames.” says Harold.

“Was it intentional?” asks Lacey.

Putin laughs.

It’s very difficult to figure out.

“And the mystery remains.” says Louis.

“But now she’s stuck with me.” says Michael.

“Or not. There is still God.” says Scott.

The dead Asmats wave unceremoniously at the tourists. It’s a common voyage these days in Purgatory. Everyone wants to go investigate it.

“A tourist trap.” says Harold.

“Nothing that I have had any intentional contribution to!” Michael hastens to add.