I Wear Old Lady Perfumes

Lacey is praying. For grace for the dead, should they be in Purgatory. And that’s where she’ll leave it for now.

In the meantime, I’d like to address people I recall from the perfume community and still see online…everywhere. It’s just this:

What is it I don’t get about your desire to be “the best?” Is it just my blessings (the way I was raised) that have sheltered me to the point where I don’t “get it” anymore, so to speak? Or what? Why am I so out-of-touch, seemingly?

No, stop hating me a minute to be honest and really think about it. What don’t I get? Be smart and don’t just desperately claw at me…

For what reason are you all so into “success?” Not necessarily real success either, I’m sorry, but mostly just money…

Is it fear? A sense of being attacked?

Because it’s probably always mystified me. But I’m only just now realizing that I don’t really know what makes you all tick in that way. Why is that soo important?

Almost every post is about smelling rich. Looking rich. Etc..

And it certainly felt like a toxic issue while I was really engaging with other people in the past. I mean my whole blog dramatically pivoted based on this issue…obviously.

My ex-husband would say it’s a loss of community. As in, people don’t value other people enough anymore as a commodity in and of themselves. As in, the idea of humans having innate, deep value based solely on organic relationships and real connection is fairly lost.

People are empty, shallow and lost. Mindlessly self-destructive. ?

But…what do you all think? Is that right?

Or is it the loss of genuine faith? In “The West” at least.

The decay of the ecosystem?


Because it’s real.

And…as an old lady at heart…one way or another…I worry. I sincerely worry about all of you. It’s getting hot out there. The world is baking us all slowly but not so slowly for us not to realize it… And are we worth salvaging? Yes. According to Christ…and me. Do you agree? You should. You really should.

I sound so sappy? So…corny? But…I’m being sincere.

What are you all really doing though?