Royal Crown Derby

Queen Elizabeth II was not a perfect person, I’m sure. But she came close, I’d bet.

…Her passing is as shocking and awful as I imagined it would be. Thank goodness for my Royal Crown Derby and Launer bag. I bought the bag specifically because I couldn’t travel to London and I wanted to celebrate her life while she was still here in this world alive.

…She was a Christian, I suspect. A real one. Not ruined by change or conceit. Not bitter. Not ignorant. Authentic.

I sincerely hope she’s with Prince Philip. And her mom. And her sister. And her father. …Maybe having a delightful reunion. In God’s presence.

She was incredibly brave. And mature. Heroic.

She never bowed down to evil. Not really. No. Not as far as I can see.

May she rest in beautiful, splendid slumber.