A Quick Rant: In Defense of the Monarchy

There wouldn’t be a monarchy as we know it without colonialism. There also wouldn’t be any of the Western World the way it is today either.

“It would all be infinitely better!” someone might say. But, that’s unfortunately extremely unlikely. There were many evils as part of colonialism, and humans of all races are awful to each other at least occasionally, generally speaking. We don’t know what the world today would look like without colonialism but it’s not likely to be paradise. It might be a lot better in some ways and far worse in others. Regardless, the utopia Boomers thought they could create when they were young is likely impossible.

I mean, we can create a better world, but it’s not bound to be perfection. It’s still worth pursuing of course, but with the realization that it’ll likely never be perfect.

“The world would be better without a British Monarchy?” someone might say. But why would it? The British monarchy adds so much to the world in terms of preserving culture and history. They exist to keep us sane.

The British monarchy is like a clock tower, reminding us of where we were and where we’re going. History might not be our salvation…but it’s real. And it’s essential to get it right and recall it. Dismantling everything that’s been tainted by evil would leave everyone, or billions and billions of people over the age of 13, dead. The Jews figured that out many centuries ago.

It’s best to not spend this time right after the death of Queen Elizabeth disparaging her and her family. (I’ve seen this and it bothers me) It’s not going to be a good long-term look for you cool-kids of the world.