I admire the British Royal family for standing. And standing. These are people who aren’t being forced to stand…and are choosing to do so to honor love. To honor honor.

When I get better I’m going to focus on my novel. And my kids. And drinking more water. *smile*

“I just feel so guilty for my blessings.” I once told a woman in college who worked for the school and was desperately was trying to “coach” me into finishing my degree. She thought my problems were related to ADD. They were actually more related to exhaustion and severe depression and disillusionment. *laugh* …”But they would want you to be happy. They aren’t going to suffer any less just by us suffering too.” she said. And I agree and disagree.

But in so far as I agree…it’s worth it to drink more water. Because I can drink more water.

I hope you could and can too.