Posts About Posts

I just got a new follower on Tik Tok who might actually take time to research me when she’s bored and find this blog and read it. …I doubt it in part, but in my gut she seems like an inquisitive person. So…I thought I’d take down quite a few posts. Because I don’t want certain things read by certain people.

She seems like a nice person too though. But…most of my audience has been people who I doubt either care or will be all that offended. Or freaked out. Or scared. And she might not be either…but I wouldn’t bet on it.

If you’re her: “Hi.” *smile* “Don’t take that as an insult. Please.”

If I get too much attention I’ll just have to switch back to a perfume blog.


And on a positive note, if you’ve got a crush on me and you’re a man (and I’ve written to tell you I have a crush on you already but you never clearly responded in actions or words yes or no) now you’ll have to actually talk to me.

No more ghost chats for a while? Or we’ll see. I cannot predict myself in that way like I used to when I was younger.

I might start posting recipes though. Tonight if I’m up to it I’m going to melt dark chocolate and coat fruit. Just because it’s worth it.