Love (Fade)

“It felt like we had something unspoken sweet and dear between us. But then I’d try to reach out to see if it was real or an illusion and it seemed to only ruin it. And you could say that that’s proof that it was all in my imagination, but I can’t be certain of that. And I wish I knew.” says Lacey to Michael and others.

“What if Michael ruined it?” asks Lem.

“Is that even possible?” asks Lacey.

Lem smiles. His smile grows until it lights up his whole face.

“His last post has been driving you batty.” says Lem. He rubs his chin. “He’s toast in your mind isn’t he?”

“Well…unless he’s clear I’ll just assume the worst from here on out. And wish him the best.”

Lem looks sad.

“You don’t want to hurt him. Just in case he actually likes you?” asks Louis.

“Yes.” she replies.

“But it’s been torture for you. And you still care, but I think you need to be honest.” He folds his arms over his waist, leans back against an antique oven. We’re in the kitchen of a manor house somewhere. Or maybe it’s just his grandfather’s house.

“I’m madly in love with you.” says Louis.

Michael eyes her from across the room near a window. The natural light highlights his handsome features. His coloring. Louis seems angered.

“Why don’t you and Michael just get married?” asks Lem. Louis is slightly shocked by this.

“Why don’t you just marry her?!” he asks Lem in a rage.

Lem is the tallest. And suddenly that’s glaringly obvious.

Scott laughs heartily in the background. He died at 41. Lacey is 38. He commends her for likely lasting longer than he did under inauspicious circumstances.

“I need German food.” Lacey randomly observes.

Louis loves this.

“Why don’t you just marry me?” he asks.

“I would. But you’re dead, of course.” she responds. Michael nods.

“I’ll give living men a chance.” he says and as he looks at her he cleans out the large sink himself. Michael smiles.

“Will you marry me!?” Michael blurts out.

“She’s already married to me. Technically. You don’t remember it. But I married you months ago.” says Lem. He’s eating something on a plate now.


“There’s chicken that should be used this week in the freezer.” he says to Lacey before walking off.

“Nope. You’re married to me.” says Michael. “Because there is no marriage in Heaven. And I’m the one asking you.”

“I asked first.” says Louis. He smiles.

“We are dead. But unless you’re a lot more assertive than a certain fellow is…I’m not sure it makes sense for you to care anymore. Unless it offends God.” says Lem to Lacey.

Michael looks at Lacey. “I’ll never abandon you.” He grabs her hand and pulls her away from the others. “Do you want me to figure it out with God?”

“Yes.” she smiles.

“Then you’re going to be with me!” yells Louis.

“Why?!” asks Lem in shock.

“You might not. You might be with me.” says Michael. “It’s really about what’s unspeakably better than perfect, here.”

And a lady smiles. And then she walks off.

When this started…there were people who were alive who are now dead. People who Lacey would trust.

“But first and foremost you trust God.” says Michael.

“You should go shopping.” someone advises.

“I’m waiting. That’s true.” Lacey agrees.