An Election

“Do you think I have a chance to win?” asked a Wharton educated, politically shrewd businesswoman running for the state senate in the early 2000’s. I had volunteered for her campaign.

“Yes!” I lied. Mostly.

I mostly lied because I could see a path to victory. But it wasn’t clear and it looked very doubtful. In truth, I knew she was likely to lose.

“And people thought she was your mother. And…she was very beautiful. And you subconsciously got it in your head that you were as deficient as her at politics.” says Michael.

“Did I just conjure you?” Lacey asks seriously.

“No. I was haunting you and I had to say something.” he smiles.

“Yes. Yes, you’re right.” she says.

The Kennedy’s look uneasy. Rose laughs.

Lem is angry.

Lem is very angry.

Louis smiles.

“You heard Humphrey get upset earlier this morning?” asks Louis of Lacey.

“Yes.” says Lacey.

“People care. They all care about each other.” he says.

In Heaven.

“What in the world am I supposed to do with him?! He won’t respond. I can’t make him pursue me.” says Lacey.

Lem laughs. “This isn’t about me. I’d have made love to you last night. If you’d wanted.” He smiles sweetly.

“You can’t make him do anything.” says a woman.

“No. So why do I feel so uneasy?” Lacey asks.

“Because he’s not supposed to be reading this blog and then essentially lying about it. It’s maybe not an outright lie, but it’s messing with your mind and with his mind.” she says seriously. “He has feelings for you but he refuses to act on them beyond these subtle implications and gestures.” she smiles. “He secretly wants you to be his alone but then he rejects you and expects that not to matter. And you try to move on but he keeps subtly reeling you back in and then rejecting you. But then he gets hurt and jealous when you write about ghosts. It’s chaos and anxiety producing for both of you in different ways.”

“And it’s not like his gestures don’t count. He’s interacting with you.” Lem rolls his eyes.

“What in the world am I supposed to do?” asks Lacey.

“What are you afraid of?” asks the woman.

“I don’t want him to get so depressed for whatever reason that he hurts himself. In any way.” says Lacey.

“Do you think he would?” asks a man.

“Possibly.” says Lacey.

The thing is, people are complicated. And what people are hiding within themselves is staggering at times.

“That’s why we’re not meant to live alone.” says the man.

“Yes. But people are also supposed to get married. It’s implied in scripture. …Of course, that doesn’t mean there necessarily is someone to marry because it’s a fallen world. I never truly had someone to marry. And as a woman in our culture my expiration date was much sooner than it is for a man. Doubly so just being myself with my own specific desires and needs…” she says.

“Do you still feel sick?” asks Lem.

“Yes.” Lacey rolls her eyes.

“Remember God is God.” says Bobby.

“He is.” she says.