Death By Bizet

“I hope I don’t have to go to the emergency room.” says Lacey.

Michael laughs.

Lacey’s ex-husband walks in and announces that he’s scheduled a sooner follow-up. Out of nowhere.

“Thank you.” Lacey says to God and Michael. Or Lem? Or just God?

“Or whoever inspired it.” says Louis.

“Will I have to go to the hospital?” asks Lacey.

“No, I doubt it.” says a father. He smiles because of a current bid happening online.

“Gosh I wish I could enjoy this moment more.” says Lacey.

Michael smiles. “I dare you to wear that pin in public.”

“That must have been terrible.” says Lacey.

“It was.” he says.

“Why do you love me if you do?” asks Lacey.

“Do you want a list?” he asks.

“I want to belong to one of you. And be done with it. I want to be done with a great many things.” says Lacey.

“I hear you!” says Lem.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen but people have free-will.” says Louis.

“Has your ex-husband ever complimented you in public?” asks Michael. “And how many pedophilic old men did?”

“No and quite a few.” says Lacey.

“I’d have slept with you on the first night I met you. And married you on whim.” He smiles. “I would have found it thrilling.” They’re sitting in his car now. A Land Rover, of course. He rests his arms on the steering wheel.

“I know you’re not a pervert.” says Lacey.

“I’d have loved you as an adult. Regardless of age. Although I know you don’t like dating younger men.” He smiles and leans back. Relaxes.

“So what do you like about me then?” she asks.

He turns to her and smiles. Meekly. Humbly.

“Your height.” He smiles and gets in her face. “I love your darkness.”

She closes her eyes and rests in her seat.

“I love your incredible sadness. Your determination to stay alive sacrificially when your life has been so truly Hellish.” He sighs and looks off into the distance. “You’d have reason to want to die Lacey. Real, justifiable cause to want to kill yourself. But you’d choose to pray to God to end it instead. And you refuse to even do that.” He turns to her. “I admire and respect that fortitude and humility.”

She looks forlorn. He leans back against the car door. He studies her.

“No, but you don’t want to hear about all of that too much. And I don’t blame you.”

She rests her forehead on his knees.

“Let’s see.” He smiles.

“Well, let’s see. You’re my idea of perfection when it comes to a woman. And I’ll tell you the rest in private.”

She gets up and rests back.

“I won the Rocky pin.” she smiles.

“I know. I asked God to put it there.” he says.

“It was very inexpensive too.”

“Of course it was.” he says smiling pensively.

“You know what. Never mind. I just was seemingly attacked by some supposed Christian who called me a man for using this photo on my Tik Tok account:

Go ahead and sexually arouse hateful men. I hope they choke on their cruelty. Although not to death, of course.”

“You look hot. And refined. And I’ll gladly remind them of what I look like too so when they imagine our naked bodies both waking and asleep with Christ making love, should we ever do that, they can be more accurate in their vain imaginations:

And because I know you like this one:

There you go.”

“I do like those.” Lacey says.

“Alright. Here’s one of my reasons: I want to caress you. Constantly. And that longing is so overwhelming that it reminds me of my humble place in the universe as a mere man. And yet your beauty is so astounding that I instantly am also reminded of how much God loves me. How much he wants to honor me. And how much He cares about mere men.”


“Lacey why do you want men to lust after you?”

“Because I’m profoundly lonely. And I never complain. …And if males my age had looked at my body and gotten aroused like they were supposed to when I was in my teens and 20’s when I dressed modestly as a sincere Christian and kept myself impeccably perfect by today’s standards…maybe someone would have noticed that I wasn’t a sexless nun who didn’t need anyone. And I wouldn’t be so morbidly alone. I love throwing in their faces my beauty in subtle ways they amazingly can’t comprehend in their vast superiority-“

“I think you should stop. They don’t care. And if they do they’ll grow-up someday.” says Michael. He smiles.

“Hey! Wanna hear about how my dick would feel inside of her? It’s a great story. And you boys love that kind of shit? Right?” asks Lem. He grins. “That’s your thing? Pussy and hoes?” He giggles. “See! I’m gay again! It’s magic!” …”Because if I was straight I would have a different way of describing your hot bitches?” …”When men get inside her vagina they yell ‘Fuck!’” He grins. “Right?” …”You wanna hear how it actually feels? Then you can lose your minds? Literally. Hear my voice in your head when you sleep? And it’ll all be my pleasure.”

“Wanna piece of this ass? I have lots of experience with godly men.” *wink* “And hot boys with blue eyes too.” He smiles. “I’m not scared of being honest. I’m scared of hurting people. Don’t make me hurt you.”