Playing The Field

“Given you don’t die, you’ll feel better. And look pretty. And youthful, until the day you die.” says Louis who even though he was miserable off and on lived into his 90’s.

“True.” says Lacey.

He clears his throat.

“You know, what if he’s playing the field?” asks Louis.

“Or what if he thinks our relationship is untenable for some reason? And he’s protecting his ego but he doesn’t want to make a mess of things?” asks Lacey.

“Then he’ll have to deal with you in Heaven. With literally all of it. For better…and for worse.” laughs Lem.

“What do you mean?” asks Lacey.

Lem looks up.

“What if I’m with you or Michael or Louis?” Lacey asks.

“What if he’s in love with a wife he marries someday? …But not as in love as he could have been with you?” asks Lem. He sighs and rolls his eyes.

“Then I will actually fight him off. It’s not just a joke.” says Michael.

“Or I or Louis will.” Lem smiles. “It’s a blog now. But it won’t be in Heaven if we’re ghosts and he’s reading this.”

“Awkward moment outside of time. Right?” asks Michael.

“The answer is blowing in the wind.” says Bobby.

“Into the Heart of Darkness.” says Lacey.


“Well, maybe when he dies he’ll find that perfect woman. Better than any woman. Who seduces him with a simple flick of her fingernails she’s so sublime.” Lacey smiles.

Lem and Michael smile.

“It’s a pretty thought.” says Hemingway.

“It is.” says Hadley.

“Well…I hope I get fully well. Because this is getting weird.” says Lacey.