“I took down my post on Tik Tok.” says Lacey.

“You were very smart for doing that.” says Lou.

(The “Schindler’s List” post)

“Yesterday I went to my follow-up and the nurse was a man and I had the sense he found me attractive. And it was flattering. But…scary. But that’s not the point I’m getting at. The point is, he was so tall and he had blue eyes and slightly resembled Elliott Roosevelt and yet, he was so bashful. Far too bashful for-“

Lacey pauses to finish eating her omelet with the jalapeño pepper from her garden. It’s very spicy.

“The thing is, he seemed embarrassed by his height and himself in general. And I related to that. Very much.”

“He had great eyes.” says Lou.

“He did.”

“You saw my ghost there too though.” says Michael. “And you were overwhelmed by me.” he smiles.

“I won’t ask how you do that right now. It’s fascinating though.” says Lacey.

A man sitting in the waiting room looked like Michael out of the corner of Lacey’s eyes. She didn’t bother looking closer because it scared her and she knew it wasn’t technically him. It didn’t scare her because he’s dead though, mind you. It just felt…overwhelming.

“The thing is, he resembled me too.” says Lem.

“Did he?”

“Yes. I was that tall.” says Lem.

“Well, you were very handsome.” says Lacey.

He smiles.

“You need more iron.” he says.

“Do I?”


“Is there something wrong with me?”

He looks concerned. “We’ll talk later.”

“The thing is, he was very bashful.” says Lou.

“He was!”

“And you think he shouldn’t be.” says Lou.

“Yes.” Lacey says empathetically. “If he noticed me he likely doesn’t have anyone and that’s a shame. Because he seemed so delightful. So handsome and sweet.”

“He wasn’t wearing a ring, you’re right.” says Lem in a hurry for some reason.

“Well, I’m sure he’s trying.” says Lou.

“He probably is. But he needs to stop hating how tall he is and be more confident. And I need to follow my own advice. …Although, I have a harder time defining what it is about me that I stupidly shun.”

“I could tell you.” says Lou.

“Could you really though?”


“I could too.” says Lem.

Michael smiles.

“The thing is, it’s not that I think being more loving toward myself would make men truly like me more… It’s more that I just don’t think it’s good to be that bad to yourself.”

“Bring hot tea on your drive today.” says Lou with a smile.