Male Fertility

“Last night I heard that I’m talking to ghosts.” says Lacey.

“Do you think we’re being allowed to talk to you because through pollution male sperm count and testosterone is down?” asks Louis.


Louis smiles.

“Also people hearing from demons or their imagination thinking it’s God. …I just saw a man on Tik Tok who made me so angry I can barely process what he said.” says Lacey.

“What did he say?” asks Lem.

“He said that he doesn’t pursue women because he’s nobody special. Never has. And instead he claims God has brought him to a sort of state of entitlement as ‘His son’ whereby he just acts as a woman instead of a man…and sits around waiting for women to pursue him. He claimed that this was Godly and best and that him acting as a man and pursuing women was a distraction for him.”

“If men are interested in you, they’ll pursue you.” says Lem mockingly in a fake female voice.

“How does this man think it’s Godly to abandon all women and his role as a man?” asks Lacey but Michael agrees.

“I think he’s like a perverse priest.” Louis lols disturbed. “People think of Catholic priests as pedophilic monsters now but the idea was to be a servant to the people. And today they’ve become replaced by men like this one who barely serve the people.”

“You think pursuing a woman is serving the people?” asks Lacey.

“Yes. It requires good stewardship. And you have to be a real man. Which does require good health.” he looks on sadly.

“How much have we contributed to this?” asks Lacey.

Lem laughs.

“You are in interesting company in that regard, aren’t you my dear.” Lem observes.

They all fall silent for a moment, except for Harold who finds it as hilarious as Lacey does.

“Lacey you and I are in the same boat as Lou. We’ve benefited but we didn’t-“ he stops to consider it.

“If you all are ghosts…and I’m not going to Hell…God is fascinating.” says Lacey.

“He is.” says Louis.

Michael smiles.

“You’re with us. One of us. For-“ but Michael gets interrupted.

“Eternity.” says Lem.

“If you’re ghosts.” says Lacey.

“Yes.” says Louis. Harold laughs.

“So that’s really how Heaven works?” asks Lacey.

“A lot of people actually are with their true love during life. That was God’s original design. That’s what He wants for His family. He hates when people are lonely. He’s a good parent. But doesn’t have control over people’s free wills and-“ her voice trails off.

“Basically, you’re living dead and alive at the same time.” says Louis.

“Well, I don’t fully believe that. At all. But I like to think it’s possible.” Lacey smiles.

Michael grins. Lem looks casual and content.

“Lacey, we’re in love.” says Michael.

“But do I belong to you or Lem?” she asks.

“It’s not that Lem couldn’t rally. He’s a formidable man. But he’s been hurtful to you. And I want you. And so I think it’s you and I. And I think you’ll be shocked by how much sense this will all make over time. Everything you’ve ever experienced. Including this very second.” he smiles.


“If Lem is really that in love with you he’ll make it right. And I’ll love someone else more than you.” Michael smiles. Lacey cries. He hold her. “But I say that because I know you want that for me. Otherwise it’s unlikely I could love anyone as much as I love you.”

It’s time to wear Floris violets.