“Oh! You’re the so-called boyfriend?” asks a burly, curly haired guy answering the front door. “Yeah, she’s here. She’s sleeping.”

It was a skit on Tik Tok.

Men do fall in love.

They aren’t extinct.

…But who we fall in love with is a reflection of either evil or God’s beauty. And often both.

Both, sweetie? Both?

Don’t lie. …*shaking head no* And everyone is lovable in God’s eyes. But we all are human.

So…so…so human.

“I wasn’t bisexual in the way most people consider themselves bisexual. I preferred women. Homosexuality was something I dabbled in. But, if I’d met you it’d have been over. Because I actually really did like women more. In every way. And you’re…well…you know what we have. Or you will.” smiles Michael.

“Why did you dabble in homosexuality?” asks Lem. “I thought I was actually gay.”

Michael laughs. “I experimented once with another boy. Because that’s what was available to me to experiment with at the time. And it made me wonder if I could be happy just living with another man. …If I’d had Lacey there I’d not have questioned that.”

“I didn’t know how much more I’d like women either. Actually, I didn’t know how little I liked men.” says Lem.

“How is that possible?!” asks Lacey.

“You had a crush on Joe Jr..” says Michael. “You read about him at age 10 and you were so smitten by him that you’ve never seriously questioned it since because it was so glaringly obvious to you.”

“He was my idea of perfection.” admits Lacey.

“If you’re Tom’s daughter…you’d have been involved with Louis if you’d been born earlier.” observes someone.

“Or others.” says Humphrey Bogart in a paternal manner.

“But I want to love only one man for eternity.” Lacey states.

“I think you should move near Summit Avenue.” says Scott.

“Or near me.” says Louis.

“I prefer Summit.” says Michael.

“I wish everyone was just in Heaven.” says Lem.

“It must be awful being bisexual in a way.” observes Lacey.

“I would have told you everything.” Michael says.

“But I wasn’t there.” says Lacey, sadly.

“Happy birthday, Scott!” yells Zelda.