Is The Darkness Ours To Take

“All is well, as long as we keep spinning.”

We all die. And when you die…you’ll finally figure out whether or not there’s an actual Hell. And whether or not God loves you regardless of how you did or didn’t accept Jesus…as a savior from your impossibly doomed human frailty. You’ll find out that there’s nothing as your brain dies. Or…you’ll drift off out of your skin and face God. An afterlife seems more than likely to me.

You’ll die. We all die.

“Do you wonder what the point of waking life even is?” asks Louis of Lacey.

“Yes. I wonder why God doesn’t just end the world and send everyone to-“ Lacey pauses. “Well, I suppose that’s it, isn’t it?” she muses.

“It’s part of it.” he responds.

“He doesn’t want to send anyone to Hell.”

Louis smiles, blows smoke out of his mouth and rests back against the seat of his car. But then they’re back near his grandfather’s house.

“Louis, who do I belong to?!” asks Lacey in genuine exasperation.

“Well, you decided this morning that you belong to Thelma.” he laughs. Then smiles.

“True. I decided that if she could have or did care about me, that she’s my connection to living humanity.”

That makes Joe Jr. cry.

Louis seems moved but far calmer.

“So Thelma has decided that you and I belong together.” Louis raises his hand in protest. “Not because you might have been my mistress, and actually you wouldn’t have…but because she likes how much and the way I care about you. She likes us together.” Louis concludes.

“Is she functioning as a sort of mother to me?”

Louis laughs.

“Well God knows best.” says Lacey.

“Thelma always wanted kids.” says Louis.

Elliott wonders if Lacey is being too kind.

“She’s the only person who ever tried that hard to see me. Even in the form of photographs.” says Lacey.

Louis smiles.