“I totally fouled-up the start of our relationship, Lacey.” says Lem.


“He had no idea how awful your life had been.” says Michael.

“I screwed-up my life, Lacey.” Lem cries. He closes his eyes and smiles. “You don’t get it though, do you?” He smiles. “And you know, you’re right.” He licks his lips and holds open his mouth. He notices her admiring his face.

Michael is upset. Lacey feels attacked for legitimate reasons.

Michael laughs.

“The thing is, I…can’t figure out how someone so…nice…and good could be so profoundly miserable through no fault of their own other than by dating Mark before he stopped being a womanizer and loved Christ…could…really, truly love me. …And yet you do.” He gets up. “I don’t think I deserve you.” He looks at her. “But you do love me.” He smiles.

“How much do you love me though?” asks Lacey.

He thinks. “I-“. He looks sad. Becomes speechless.

“I’ll let you figure that out. And when you decide if you love me or not, and exactly how much you do or do not love me…let me know. Please.” Lacey smiles. “It’s a simple request. Perhaps it seems unromantic or pedantic but I find it important. I hope you can understand, my dear.”

And at that she gets brought through some means to a table sitting next to Michael.

“You really are a horrible bitch!” he laughs. He grins. Ebulliently. Mostly?

“You’re kidding. Right?” she asks.

“I’m not going to be like Lem. I’m not going to say some sultry romantic line like, ‘You know I’m kidding.’ And mean it, too.” He pours back scotch. He smiles. “You really do passionately love him. Don’t you?” he observes.

“Yes.” she responds.

He nods.

Then he laughs. Because she’s sitting with him. He smiles.

“He might not let you go. And if he loves you enough for me to care, we’ll see.” He shrugs. “But…I don’t care. Lacey…I don’t care.” He says but falters as she examines him.

“I didn’t know you existed. If we’re supposed to be together. I didn’t know.” she says honestly.

He cries a little but then considers it.

“You’re trusting God…that you won’t mess this up. And that I’m not a demon or a fallen angel. That somehow you’re half dead. Literally. Or something better and Christian. And that’s all good. You just need me to say, let’s see…’We are literally perfect for each other. There’s no one better who could or did exist for either of us. And no matter how much you’ve loved anyone else…you’re stuck with me because that’s what God sees as best.’” He folds his hands over his lap. “That’s the kind of beautiful, awe-inspiring glory of God you want to hear.” He looks at her with his chilly eyes from across the table. “This is the nicest country club in the whole world that we’re sitting in, by the way.” He raises his eye-brows.

Then they laugh together. He smiles and pushes his glasses up his nose.

“Yes. That’s what I want to hear.”

Lem feels a pain of icy loneliness. He realizes that that’s what Lacey has felt as a threat the whole time from him. No real security.

“That’s vile!” Scott decides.

“I am. I am perfect for you. Just like Lem was straight while he was alive. I’m your twin flame. Except we don’t call them twin flames here in Heaven.”

A woman cackles hysterically in the background having overheard.

“That’s mean.” says Lacey.

“What if we actually are that perfect for each other?” he asks taking his glasses off and placing them on the table.

“I need proof and for God to tell me that Himself.” Lacey responds.

“Well…”. He smiles. “God will have to tell you Himself then.”

They sit in silence for a moment.

“I’m you’re soulmate. It’s me. I’m it. You’ve dreamt of me since your youth. Those eyes you looked in were my eyes. That smile you thought was wicked looking but not really wicked, was my smile. I’m not Joe. Or Scott. Or Lem.” He raises his hand. “Now, mind you, I will allow you to be with Lem. If that’s what God really wants. But I can’t let you be with anyone else anymore.”

“What about Louis?”

“He’s your friend. I’m not going to be small about that either, of course. But…you’ve got to understand it is me.” says Michael.

“Lem is an exception though? And so is Louis?” Lacey asks.

“I just don’t want to ruin anything for you. Although, I might be in even allowing them at all.” he raises his hands to his mouth. “I just want what’s best for you.”


“If you’re a demon and Lem isn’t or Louis isn’t…God won’t allow you to get very far.” Lacey suggests. “And vice versa.”

“I’m not. You silly goose.”

“Try holding me.” she says. “If you can’t then it’s all moot.”

“I held her best.” says Elliott.

“I held you periodically when you were younger and especially depressed. Although you didn’t know it.” says Joe Jr..

“I’ll do better than all that. Don’t worry.” says Michael.

Lacey smiles in exasperation.

“It is me!” says a lady Lacey recognizes. Lacey recognizes her as the woman laughing.