When People Fall Apart

My mother who raised me looked a striking amount like Jackie Kennedy. So much so she was approached by random strangers who would tell her she looked like Jackie Kennedy. Ironically, my mother who raised me never thought Jackie was beautiful.

Or…she claimed to think that.

The thing is, Jackie O. was beautiful. She just was. It’s not a real question. Objectively speaking she was factually beautiful. You can play it off all you want…but in reality it’s stupid to argue over it. People who insult her nowadays are blind, lying or fools. She just was objectively beautiful. Sorry if you, “don’t see it.” I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but you’re wrong. *shrug*

That being said, I think part of what’s happening recently is that people had her built up in their heads as being more beautiful than she was. Someone even referenced the Mandela Effect to explain it. *eye-roll* So it’s not that they truthfully can’t see her beauty it’s that they overemphasized it culturally in the late 20th Century and many people stupidly took that pr lie to heart. They got sold on the idea of her absolute supremacy over almost all other women in regard to her beauty and they failed to actually look at her honestly. Much like they are right now in the opposite direction.

Truthfully, she was beautiful. Even a rare beauty in some ways, but not conventionally so overall. And more than that she was brilliant at presenting herself well. She graciously curated her image in every regard with painstaking effort. So, again, like it is with many people today in how they present themselves, it was easy to focus on her carefully curated image rather than her raw form. And…again…her raw form was one of rare beauty in some ways but more unconventional beauty overall. And all together I think it’s more than safe to label her objectively beautiful. Not as beautiful as Grace Kelly maybe, for example, but genuinely beautiful.

High, but perfectly filled, cheek bones. Perfectly sized, sparkling, intelligent eyes, lusty, sensual lips and an elegant chin line with thick dark hair…does not make an ugly or ordinary woman. …And no, I’m not attracted to her. I’m just not an idiot, not blind, not a narcissist and honest. *shrug*

Truth is…people don’t naturally look like her as much anymore. Sometimes, but not as much. Are people just threatened with their more common long, straight, large, naturally unsculpted, (often forcefully) simplified features? Their blown-up lips? Their pained cheekbones? Their stupefied facial expressions? Their racist attempts to look black and yet maintain white privilege? It’s not vanity to think Jackie O. is inferior…it’s regressive. It’s self-destructive. They shouldn’t flatter themselves.


It’s gross.

“And I was gay! Which is why I want to fuck Lacey.” says Michael sarcastically. “Sarcastically.”

“And Lem was gay too! He really was, kids! Hey kids…when you die you’ll find out how gay I was! And you can throw a party in Hell to celebrate my coming out. I’ll suck your petty cock until you bleed. Or you can just go throw yourself off a cliff and break your necks repeatedly in the afterlife until you get it in your heads that you don’t own my body or my life’s narrative. Okay?” says Lem. Lem Billings.

“They’re both too angry to sound witty and pithy and intelligent.” says Humphrey Bogart.

“Not that that ever bothers anyone today much.” says Lauren Bacall.

But they’re just my imagination. Aren’t they? Or demons? Or what? You? Because haters are what? The center of the universe? Or the true serial killers of the 21st Century?

“Don’t assume that’s untrue.” says Michael.

“Get my wife’s name out of your mouth!” yells JFK.