People get offended for three reasons nowadays…as far as I can see.

The first reason is because they don’t want to hear the truth about something.

I tend to offend these people the most. I’m not trying to genuinely repel genuinely nice people. …But if you’re a narcissistic liar…you’re most likely not going to like my blog. …Or if you’ve become coddled in your pretensions or comforting lies you might find my rational, calm, non-hateful tone overwhelming combined with the ideas I present. You might change my tone to be condescending, obtuse, or evil or otherwise inferior in some way you find reassuring.


Then there are people who get offended by things out of misguided but good intentions. They think something is offensive because they think it should be offensive for moral or ethical reasons. The legitimacy of this type of offense varies.

“I didn’t get offended by your blog for moral or ethical reasons!” says a hater. “You’re just a terrible person!”


Think about it more deeply if you find me offensive for this reason. It’s ultimately for moral and ethical reasons you’re offended and are you right or wrong? Be careful.

Then there are people who get offended…for real, honest and uncontrollable reasons. They feel offended. It isn’t a narcissistic defense.

These are the people who I empathize with the most. But…it’s the internet. There’s no way I can know why I truly offended them…unless God tells me. I’ve certainly experienced this type of offense though, regardless.

“Don’t you talk to ghosts?!” says a hater half sarcastically. “Can’t you ask them why I’m offended?!”

…The unconjured, uninvited ghosts I talk to who may or may not even be ghosts…are…ghosts, if they’re with Christ outside of their living mortal bodies. They only know what God tells them or allows them to see. They aren’t omnipresent. They aren’t omnipotent. They’re human or I’m just being tortured and taken in by demons who know how lonely and cruel my life has been.

*eye-roll* of hater. “There’s no way a beautiful woman who’s rich could be that miserable. It’s theoretically impossible!”

And I respond: “You’re an example of the second type of offense? No?”

See…life is complicated. And at times you might get confused. Some things are absolutely wrong. Some things like me being hurt…even while I’m privileged…are more complex.

*wave to haters new and old*

“You’re toxic, Satan! I’ve mostly ignored you because I’m not really fascinated by you at all. …But I read your blog because- Well, the point is…I’m better than you. I really am! …And it’s so obvious you’re a Devil-worshiping heathen who’s left Christianity. …You’re not that big of a deal or that important and I’m sure there’s no secret organization conjuring ghosts for you regardless. You’re just…a slutty bitch. And…and…I’m…such a loved, important man. So, so…wanted. Unlike you. So…just know that. You’re better off dead.” says a new “Christian” hater.

“I have to interrupt. Sorry.” says Michael. “You don’t know her. You really don’t.” He pauses. “I do. I might be dead but I know her better than most people to ever exist. And I don’t think you understand.”

“No. You don’t.” agrees Lem.

“She’s not attracted to ghosts because they’re ghosts. She’s incredibly alone. And…” Louis decides.

“We aren’t going to kill her!” says Harold and Zelda agrees.

“We possibly could though. Possibly. When you conjure or even talk to an actual ghost there might be rules about such things. They might be able to kill you, if God allows it.” says Hemingway.

“They might. They might say, ‘God, let’s just take him home. Okay?’“ says David.

“That’s why you don’t talk to your dead father. Or ghosts who you’re in love with. Right?! Even if they’re haunting you? Or don’t they exist?” says Bobby.