I’m about to edit the last post but first I need to say that people reading my blog attacking me childishly in the name of Christ…need to be aware that I’m used to dealing with narcissistic people. …I hope those Christians aren’t narcissists.

“Dang! I’m insulted.” one of the men says sarcastically?

“Why are you reading my blog?” asks Lacey.


“Am I supposed to just read your mind and know why you’re reading my blog? I’m lost as to why you read it.” says Lacey. “I don’t want to make any assumptions.”

“He could just be curious.” says an actress.

“About what? You?” asks Lacey.


“He could be curious about you too.” she says.

Lacey thinks.

“Why?!” asks Lacey.

“You’re not a grumpy old man.” says Joe Jr..

“But that’s how he talks to me. Like I’m an ugly old man he wants to get into a fight with.” says Lacey.

“I wonder why he sees you that way?” asks an actress.

“Well, I don’t know for a fact that he does. But that’s the way I feel like he talks to me. Sometimes I thought he might see who I am as a woman…but I think he mostly just sees something masculine and intimidating to argue with.”

“In his spirit?” asks the actress.

“It seems like an involuntary response on his part.” she says.

“Maybe that’s why I like you.” says a living old man jokingly.

“What do you mean?” asks Lacey.

“I could be friends with the men who might be surrounding you. They seem like good company. Not offensive!” he says.

Lacey smiles warmly at the man as he seems to be a dear soul.

“Why…does he not see the sexual nature of what he’s singing to Jesus?” asks Lacey, who feels deeply and sincerely disturbed by what she read in his posts today.

“He’s not a romantic man, he’s too young and inexperienced to know what he’s actually singing and experiencing, or he’s enjoying it.” says Elliott.

“Like he’s a closeted bisexual?” asks Lacey. “I’ve seen closeted gay men enjoy the thought of being in what they feel is a romantic relationship with Jesus as the Bride of Christ.”

“Or he’s making love to a woman.” says a ghost of a female prostitute.

“In his imagination?” asks Lacey.

“You’re right. Never-mind. He’s singing to Jesus.” says the prostitute. “He could feel the presence of a female ghost but he’s singing to God so…never mind.”

“He’s trying to make love to Jesus whether he realizes it or not. How can he not see that?” asks Lacey.

Elliott sighs.

“Men today don’t understand what making love is. Too often. It’s just physical touch and control and power to them. They don’t understand what it means to want to have a lover.” says someone.

“Making love used to be about so much more than just so-called sex. Maybe he doesn’t understand what he’s singing. It sounds like a hymn to him. But I agree with you, Lacey. It’s too sexually passionate psychologically speaking to be a hymn.” says Scott.

“Oh! It’s probably just a coincidence.” says Lacey. “The Jars of Clay song, ‘Love Song for a Savior’ is…vile. But it’s part of their culture. And he’s apparently unaware of it or?”

“As in he doesn’t read your blog?” asks an actress. “And some hater in our crowd is just messing with your head? Because that’s how we started talking to you whether we’re demonic voices or real men and women.”

“Yes. I’m not making sense. I’m too angry.” says Lacey.

“Maybe. We do torture you psychologically.” She smiles. “But…he could also be reading your blog.”

“You know…’Love Song For A Savior’ could be a Satanic chant used to rape and molest people.” says a conspiratorial Satanist. “Happy Samhain, Lacey.”

“Why doesn’t her family defend her?” asks a reader.

“From the Illuminati?” asks the actress. “They have in a way. But none of them are inculcated into our ways, openly.” She smiles. “They don’t know us well enough personally. Even if they’re wealthier collectively, or in some cases individually, and more upper-class than some of us.”

“So she’s a perfect target for a hateful servant in your ranks?” says a reader.

The actress smiles.

“Why does that Charismatic guy hate you?” asks another younger actress.

Lacey feels confused.

“You legitimately don’t know. And maybe he is just a narcissist.” she says. Her voice trailing off.

“Well, it could be that he passionately loves being in Charismatic church services and he feels defensive about it.” says Lacey.

“She thinks they’re wealthier than us?!” says a young actress worth 3 million net, scoffing with Lacey’s original hater.

“Some of them might be worth 30 million individually or far more.” says Lacey.

“What makes you think that?” asks the young actress.

“Things I’ve heard and seen.” says Lacey.

“For all you know he could be a former child sex slave. And we own him and use him.” says Lacey’s original hater about the Christian on the internet she is discussing.

“I can see where you’d say that. But I doubt that. I could be wrong, I don’t actually know him. But I doubt it.” says Lacey.

The older actress laughs.

“I hope he isn’t.” says Lacey.

“And if he isn’t…we picked him to attack you because of his background.” says the original hater.

“So you could try to convince me that I’m crazy again? And try to tell me I’m unlovable and ugly and hope I kill myself?” asks Lacey.

“We affect him. With demons. But he’s too vain to think that’s possible.” says the original hater, smiling.

“To attack me in the ways you know I feel most vulnerable in.” says Lacey.

“You got it bitch!” yells a new money, 30-something tech guy.

He gives her an image of himself running near where Lacey lives.

“Just because I can see you in my mind running there doesn’t mean you’re there.” says Lacey.

“See, now-“

“You’re bisexual. Aren’t you?” asks Lacey of the guy.

“I might be.” he says.

“And you’re super insecure about it.” she says.

He sighs. “I’m more confused by myself.” he sighs.

Elliott laughs.

“See! Now I think he’s probably bullying me.” says the 30-something. He meaning Elliott.

“If he is you probably deserve it for real reasons. Or if he isn’t…it’s just funny.” says Lacey.

He smiles. “What’s so funny?”

“Just the silliness of our humanity as compared to our loving father.” says Lacey.

He smiles. “God?”


“If we’re His children we seem like children. And sometimes children are funny. It’s just funny looking at yourself that way and laughing at your own lovable silliness.” says Lacey.


“Is he okay? Like, is he starving?” asks Lacey. “I mean I know he chose his life. But he freaks me out.”

“He did chose his life. But I hear you.” he says.

“Well, he’s still in his 20’s. At least he has that going for him.” says Lacey.

The guy cries. “I’m channeling Pete. Aren’t I?”

Sharon Tate grows irritated.

“You might be sensing his pain. But…I don’t think you channel him so much as demons violate your trust.” she says.

“Funny thing though. How they think you’re an idiot who just doesn’t understand. Or a rich Satanist. Or-“ He laughs with Lacey.

“They think you’re a hot prostitute.” says Jack.

Louis starts shaking and swaying like a belly dancer.

“Is that the dance I do ritualistically at the grand party hosted by the ultra elite?” asks Lacey.

Louis smiles. “Your family has had millions through their genius in the stock market since the 1960’s or earlier.” he explains to the hateful readers assuming otherwise. “Or close to being millionaires. They were certainly rich. The thing is, you’re not prostitute material, honestly.”

“I’m too what?” asks Lacey.

“You seem too well-bred and genuinely nice.“

“Like I’d rather be at a tea party than getting paid to get naked?”

“Yes.” he smiles kindly.


“But you aren’t a prude. And at times you’ve played-up your actual sexuality out of rage.” he says. “To rub their faces in the dirt they try to force you to subsist on.”

“Yes. Because if I refuse to act like them I’m a damned woman, regardless.”

“With your Chanel!” he fake scoffs.

“We’re not convinced none of the dead amongst her family…are…unfamiliar with the Illuminati.” says a hater. “Legitimate or not.”

“Can you channel the living?” asks a hater.

“I don’t know. Ask the Illuminati.” says Lacey.

“They don’t exist!” says a hater.

“Then there’s your answer.” she says sarcastically, or in morbid resignation. Or both.

“She’s probably an uptight prostitute who hates the Holy Spirit and worships Satan.” says a demon.

“She’s not a prostitute!” says Louis growing angry at humans.

“Already!” says a vain prostitute. “No! And my family is just as rich as her’s.”

“That’s insanity.” says Louis.

“Oh! You like me?!” she says to Louis convinced of it. She grins happily. Smugly. “Confidently” as some would call it today.

“I find you ugly, hateful, moronic and very sad.” says Louis to the prostitutes.

“You must be gay!” says a Charismatic Christian to Louis.

He smiles.

“If Lacey can call a man gay who rejects her for being a homely old cow then why can’t we accuse you of being gay too?!” asks the woman of Louis, half convinced he’s in love with her too. …She can feel his profound awe of her in her vagina?! Because she narcissistically believes she’s superior to most women. She loves getting compliments on her looks on Tik Tok. It cements her narcissistic delusions.

“I’m not sorry either, little boy.” says a demon on behalf of a Charismatic human who molested Lacey. “Thanks for channeling me!” He winks at her haters.

“I’m not interacting with her sexual organs or sexual being in any way.” says Louis calmly about the prostitutes.

“Why do think nothing matters?” asks Elliott of a great many people. “You opened Pandora’s box by deciding on your insistence on sucking her puss. I can’t put it more nicely. And you can’t stop because it’s filled with narcissistic demons waiting to pleasure your egos and ruin you.”

“It’s her puss?” asks a hater.

“Yes. She was wounded and she cut off her own leg in her 20’s to survive, metaphorically speaking. And you all are eating it.” says Elliott. “And then trying to come for the rest of her living body with knives and forks.”

“Why did we eat her rotting leg?” asks a hater.

“I think you were hungry.” says an 30-something Illuminati member.

“It looked soothing and yummy. Like a drug or a home-cooked meal. So you got a taste for it and all the…extras.” someone else adds.

“She should just unfollow me! I don’t want to preach about Jesus to her shabby ass!” says a hater. “I have nothing Godly to say. Just a reminder that Mary is a cheap, idiot whore. And she’s a worthless piece of shit.”