Trashy vs. Trash

There’s a difference between trashy people and trash. It’s subtle in its appearance on the page, so to speak, but trashy is when a person who may otherwise not be trash acts in a trash manner. And that’s huge. Because it’s the difference between being a piece of garbage worth burning in Hell…as I’ve been accused of being by trashy people…and choosing evil.

Just like the infinite grammatical grandeur in many minds between a colon and a semi colon. Some tiny things make a big difference in actuality.

And that’s a good thing to keep in mind when discussing perfume. Because being a trashy person is sad. And you can hope for the best for that person. …Actual trash…in perfume or people is, again, disposable. …And actually…is there a wearable perfume not poisonous that should ever be disposed of? Just like all humans aren’t disposable.

And it’s sad. It’s sad that I, the accused trash, should have to explain this common sense fact on this blog in 2022. Just like I had to explain that I wasn’t on food stamps or giving blow-jobs or using my ex-husband or becoming obese…or being a monster of some other sort I was accused of being by the so-called perfume community after I told them about my family and apparently made them feel narcissistically offended with reality en masse.

But in your grief that you’re not rich and superior enough to feel higher than a kite…and maybe not as smart or pretty as me…*eye-roll* don’t dispose of yourselves, sweeties. Don’t joke about human death if you ever have or do. Unless you can take a joke too?

Right, bitches?


“What’s funny?”

“Wait and hopefully you’ll find out later.” says Shanann Watts. *she winks*


“Happy Halloween!!” Shanann says.