Kate Spade

Kate Spade agrees with Queen Victoria.

Lem needs to let God fix it all.

And so Lacey can live.

And Lacey has no idea what that means.


Fire Opals may be in Heaven.

And Lacey is a fire opal. A bright, deep orange, Mexican fire Opal.

Michael could have had a wife who collected fire opals. It sounds rational. Lem could have had a wife who fire opals if he’d felt less…like a big nobody. Louis would have felt awkward? Harold would have felt embarrassed? Elliott would have been too, secretly. Joe Jr. would have felt cool…actually. Joe Sr. would have felt weird and nerdy and secretly secretly superior or humbled or both.

And that’s the problem.

Michael wins. Lem could win. But he can’t fathom being that…beautiful.