We belong to God our artist. Just as all art belongs to the artist. Even after it’s release into the wild.

What does that mean when the artist dies? That even after they die they may be able to control their art. From Heaven.

“But Heaven is an idea! It’s not a place.” you might say. “Why? Have you been there? Couldn’t Heaven be like the Garden of Eden?”

“And that’s why we matter.” says Lem. “If God allows us to be translated through to the present world of 2022, can’t we fall in love? Just as men. Men out of time.”

“Maybe.” says Lacey.

“I might even be able to move objects. Right?” suggests Michael.

We are still just clay. Just clay belonging to an artist.

“But that’s paganism!” protests a Christian.

“Is it? I’m not convinced it is.” says Lacey. “It’s horrific terrain. Filled with demons. But it’s important to be clear.”