In 2008 I saw David McCullough lecture at my college. I was impressed by his obvious innate brilliance.

Lacey sits with Lem.

“So you’re going to let David McCullough and God and Tom and Thelma decide who you should consider as your steady?” asks Lem of Lacey.

“Yes. And Reta. And Carole. And a few others, if they’re interested.” says Lacey.

“Oh! They’re very interested.” says Rocky.

“You’re terrified. Understandably. But you trust David McCullough to talk with all of us and sort it out with God?” asks Louis, smiling.

“Yes.” says Lacey.

“We don’t get along.” says Joe Jr. about him and David McCullough.

“Really?” asks Lacey, surprised.

“Yes. He may be the reason we started talking.” says Lem to Lacey.

“Oh! Why didn’t you talk to me own your own?!” asks Lacey.

Lem cries. Bites his lip.

“I was too ashamed of my disgusting life.” says Lem.

David McCullough nods.

“It’ll be great fun!” says Elliott Roosevelt half jokingly.

“I still like him for you.” says David McCullough.

“Sorry!” says Elliott.

Mr. McCullough laughs.

“I’ll offer my assistance too, when appropriate.” adds Nora.

“But! We get a lot of say.” says Tom.

Lem looks worried. Then he smiles. Mr. McCullough looks grave. Grace Kelly laughs.

“I’ll take up for Lem a little if necessary.” says her father. “I feel like I too could be that dim.”

“Really?!” asks Grace.

“You have no idea just how foolish I was at times in my youth.” says George.