“Did the ‘Illuminati hater’ ruin your life?” asks a perfume hater of Lacey.

Lacey nods.

“He did shit to me too. Didn’t he?” she asks.

“Probably.” says Lacey.

Her mom nods her head, satisfied. “That’s what I thought.”

“What does he have against my family?” asks the perfume hater.

“He probably doesn’t have anything against you. Or your family. But he used you to isolate me. He used you, demonically. So whatever you allowed into your life from Hell…is there. It’s an easy fix. You just need to cleanse yourself spiritually in a Charismatic Christian way.” says Lacey.

“I’m sorry he did that to you.” she says crying.

“Whatever.” says Lacey. “I met some lovely people.”

“Ghosts?” asks her mom, smiling.

“Hopefully.” says Lacey.

Her mom nods.

“While you make pretty speeches I’m being cut to shreds.” sings an Indian. He smiles. “You love the lions.”

“It seems they’ve been my best friends.” says Lacey.

He nods. “You need to be more careful with the sheep.”


“You have to remember God is merciful.” says a Catholic.

“You might not be a sheep.” says a polite lioness.

“I think you’re a lion too.” says a lion.

Lacey thinks. “Oh. Thank you for telling me.” she says.

“I’m not going to hurt them.” Lacey says to another lion about the sheep.

“Yeah! But c’mon. It isn’t working for a reason.” says a vicious snapping turtle.

Her snake husband looks at Lacey like she’s crazy to bother with the sheep.

“I was a protective lion of lambs. A very good lion.” says Louis.

“So what then?” asks Lacey exasperated, of Scott.

“An orphan lion.” says Scott, thoughtfully, sarcastically.

“I sure hope she’s okay.” Lacey says about the 20 year old who committed suicide.

Lem sighs in exasperation.

“If she’s in Purgatory she’s okay.” says a ghost.

“Good.” says Lacey.

“Why can’t you play with the sheep these days?” asks Michael. “First of all, you married an almost extinct, Asian, cold weather, carnivore.” He sighs. “He’s deadly. And second of all-“ He grabs her. “Second of all, you’ve been cavorting around with me.”

“Should you be a ghost.”

“Yes.” say Louis and Lem.

“If they’re ghosts…you…trespassed. But it was to get into your own house. To sleep. And now you’re going to have a hard time convincing your family that you should be allowed out of the house.” says a ghost with God…but born in Flint, Michigan.

“It’s sad. But at the same time, it is about 50 years. In eternity.” says Jerome.

Should God exist. Should Lacey be going to Heaven. Should these be ghosts.

Louis looks sad. “It’s actually a lot to ask to of you. But…sheep aren’t safe.”

“Why?” asks Lacey.

“Because sweetie, they gang up on us.” says a kind lion.

Lacey sees sheep trying to herd her off a cliff.

“You can’t trust them, especially.”

“They feel safe being vile to all lions because of their view of lions.”

“Even cubs.” says Lacey.

“Your parents dressing you up as a sheep was…good.” says a kind lion. “Until you grew-up.”

“Lem. Lem are you a lion?” asks a curious sheep.


He mourns his own life.

Michael roars. Symbolically.

“I love elephants too.” says Lacey.

“You can be both. A lion and an elephant. I think I am too.” says Louis.

“It’s not a good sign I can’t enjoy the company of the sheep.” says Lacey.

“Oh! It’s not that tragic.” says Harold.

“Why?” asks Lacey.

“I’m cuddly like a sheep.” he says jokingly.

“They don’t trust you. You and I don’t eat sheep. We’re nice. But a lot of lions do.” He turns her head to see.

“That’s two lions chasing one sheep.” she says.


Scott laughs.

“But everyone else is minding their own business.” he says.

“But that’s how it works.” She sighs.

“Yes. But they think we’re all like that.”

“Even when they’re wrong.”

“They can lead us to our grim death. But they can’t eat us.” says Michael.

“Hey guys! Hey! Why did you go after the nice mommy lioness?” asks a monkey eating a banana. Just out of curiosity.